Back to writing JS/TS after a project in Rust.

Writing in Rust was like completing the jigsaw puzzle. Pieces fit together, snap satisfyingly, and once it fits it's generally the desired result.

Writing JS is more like this child's toy with differently shaped holes and differently shaped pieces. Except my hole is star-shaped, and the piece is a piece of shit.

@estebanm "I can pretty much guarantee no one will ever send me code if I host on my own server"

Anecdotal: people have sent me git patches over email because they didn't want to sign up to github :)

Life finds a way, give it a try. Contributors gonna contribute.

@fakefred Happens to me with servers: one of the reasons I postponed self-hosting my Mastodon is because I don't really want Yet Another Tech Stack on my VPS.

Hey hackers! We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software be made available under a licence!

More and more people join this deamand every day. Do so as well and sign our open letter:

To be clear: none of these functions is written by us. It's all framework code. Good luck looking for that bug!

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Naive me thought that disabling minification would enable me to see where my error comes from.

Fuck Angular and fuck web development. I was perfectly right to avoid it all this time.

@sushee Yeah, that's why I stopped going too. It's a great event, but year after year it seemed worse and worse. No use having a big event if there's so many people that you can't attend talks anymore :/

@SeijoDani Another takeaway from the linked video: the speaker, like many other people in poland, is oblivious to the difference between LGBT and WHO, and thinking that sexual education boils down to “gays want to teach my kid how to masturbate”. A lot of high ranking politicians have admitted to not even reading the WHO guidelines, but they kept spreading their bullshit nonetheless.

@SeijoDani It's worth noting that the yellow labels are a political happening rather than an official sign (as the author explains on

The laws are real though, and it's about as sad as it is amusing to see the rationale for their passing – local goverments not even knowing what "LGBT" means: (Attempt at the video is “erm, lesbian-gays, bio-something”)

Gameing, mention of violence against (imaginary) nazis, ableism mention? 

@estebanm Hehe, wolf is satisfying like that: nazis stomped by a post-polish jew :) A similar vibe to Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds, in a way.

Wrote my first piece of Rust where I used lifetimes not only because I had to:

It's a good feeling – like successfully using C pointers for the first time, all those years ago. I miss fighting with languages rather than APIs :')

Was about to buy the new Fairphone, but looks like all this time after release it still doesn't have an open, degoogled OS installable. Shame. Any good alternatives?

Blogged (for the second time this year!) about my experience trying out Progressive Web Apps:

@rysiek Given that it's coming from people who'd happily accept mountains of money for creating an "open" messenger, but at the same time they're not comfortable sharing those resources with the open community (, I can't say I'm surprised.

Normally the answer would be to use an alternative client, but I assume Mr High Horse Moxie would not be comfortable with that. It's expensive! Even with their

Fuck them and let them rot.

@janci @pixelfed @Sunilbutolia No idea about Tusky, but Fedilab works fine (is on f-droid).

The mobile website is also mighty fine, and you don't need to install any crap on your phone to use it :)

A recruiter emailed my ancient e-mail address. Asked where she got the address from, she said "I have got your email address from one of your Bitbucket repositories". These zero repositories:

Guess who's selling your data today!

@sylvia_ritter Hey, this is amazing! Can I buy this in print/high resolution?

Bardzo polecam nową Pidżamę – dogłębnej recenzji nie będzie, bo to jednak cisza wyborcza ;)

„Przykro mi jest kiedy widzę
Kotwice na bejzbolach”

„Tu trzeba krzyczeć
trzeba się drzeć”

Hear hear.

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