The Mozilla Foundation has a podcast called IRL. In a recent episode they talked about passwords and basically ended the episode advocating the use of proprietary password managers, specifically LastPass and OnePass.

LastPass has had number of security breaches over the years. Mozilla is a non-profit that creates Free Software, and even has a password manager built into Firefox that is FLOSS, and even self-hostable. Why are they advocating people use inferior stuff to their own?



Actually it's a branding issue, not what one'd normally expect as "non-free software" situation.


@tagomago @emacsen As far as I have talked with #GNU #IceCat and other reviewers in #fsf IRC channel on, it is a software freedom issue because of the #trademark policy. These are good to have, even #GNU has one for their logo, but #Mozilla's is problematic because it forbids one of the freedoms that the software ought to have according to the #FreeSoftware Definition.

@adfeno @emacsen

Yes, I agree. I don't think that's an incorrect statement if we follow the book. It's just that it seems to me like a very easy non-freedom to solve: you just rebrand the code and it's free. I think that's what Debian and GNU did with IceWeasel and IceCat, besides adding their own features to the mix, but maybe I'm wrong.

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