What the... I didn't understand a thing about the end of Evangelion season one.

@tagomago @benoit No. But there's a movie with a different ending, and we're still holding our breaths for the ending of the Rebuild of Evangelion quadrilogy 🙂


@codewiz @benoit Ahhh, OK! I just started watching the series a few days ago. Really impressive visually.

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EVA S01 subtle spoilers? 

@codewiz @benoit I liked the unexpected finale (actually the unexpected 2-3 last episodes)... It's like a whole different far out epilogue to an otherwise increasingly profound story. It looks as if they ran out of time to complete the main (overcomplicated) storyline?

EVA S01 subtle spoilers? 

@tagomago @benoit Indeed, they were running out of money! The original Evangelion tv series flopped in Japan due to its direction style being too avant-garde, and the themes not having a clear market segment at the time.

EVA S01 subtle spoilers? 

@codewiz @benoit Oh, that's a pity. I don't know who directed the series, but it must be a really talented person... it's probably the thing I liked most. Btw, the last episodes' story brings a lot of evocations of "2001" and "Solaris" (the book).

EVA S01 subtle spoilers? 

@tagomago @benoit Indeed, and 2001 is another production that went almost bankrupt, after spending too much on a giant rotating set and other incredible special effects for the time. The room at the end, I read, was also an expedient to save on the excessive costs of showing aliens in their alien planet, but it also resulted in the enigmatic ending that makes the movie so memorable.

EVA S01 subtle spoilers? 

@codewiz @benoit I didn't know/remember that, but yes, absolutely. Suggestions are usually way better options than literals.

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