It's true!!! Supermarkets in Tokyo have plenty of food, but people are panick buying all the toilet paper!


Due to the impact of the news of the Novel Coronavirus, rapid purchase of the products and the decrease in their shipments have been greatly reduced. We apologize for any inconvenience and inconvenience this may cause. Deeply apologize.

The impact is expected to continue beyond today, so please forgive us.


@codewiz So that's what all peoples on Earth have in common.

@tagomago good thing I still had 3 rolls at home and I don't shit too often 馃槍

What's this thing about buying all the toilet paper everywhere? I would appreciate some enlightenment...

@joaopinheiro @tagomago I asked a Japanese friend, and was told that toilet paper ran out in Tohoku after the 2011 tsunami (perhaps because most of the supplies were destroyed by the sea water).

And so, now stupid and selfish people are causing artificial scarcity by preemptively clearing all the shelves 馃槥

@codewiz @joaopinheiro Specially remarkable in Japan, or Tokyo, where houses are normally way too small. So the space used for toilet paper could've been used for food or cleaning stuff.

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