@kev Looking at my current timeline, one post is from someone on mastodon.social and all the rest are on smaller instances. So from my point of view it looks fairly decentralized. If one instance went down it wouldn't impact my timeline all that much.


@bob @kev@fosstodon.org

People tend to forget or ignore that 3-4 of the most used GNU social instances were handled by the GNU social project maintainer. I think it's normal to try to ease the adoption of the technology, and let people choose what to do thereafter. "Refugees" from centralized services usually don't want to learn about instances and decentralization just to begin using it. They just want to sign up and start interacting. From what I read, they often move to other instances as they mature.

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@bob Of course most of them leave an empty shell on the Fediverse and go back to the dark side...

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