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The name’s Tahajin, or Haji for short! Sr. IT Consultant, Network Engineer, Wordweaver, Photographer, Vector Artist, Novice Musician, and All-Around Knucklehead! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

Discord: Tahajin#0881
FurAffinity: Hajinn
Pronouns: They || She

🎨 : CombatRaccoon

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Shitpost shapeshifting is entirely too on the nose for me, to be brutally honest.

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imagine givng your fursona super powers and being like "uh they're like really tough and strong and no one can beat them up" instead of something fun like shitpost shapeshifting or shooting lightning and also into electrostim

I don't know why "feeling so hashtag damn't" is so damn funny, but here I am snorting at my desk.

As a matter of fact, Bowsette hates gamers.

Bowsette shouldn't just be 'attractive to gamers'.

Requisition: More diverse (and largely thicker and more musclebound) Bowsette body types for a wider gamut of trans representation.

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Did I tell y'all about the time I was arrested as a kid? 'Cause that's a story and a half...!!

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( Remembers that one time someone tried to argue on my post that it was okay to use 'melatonin' thugs to describe Black people and not 'melanin' because 'mela' means black. )

Websites are free.

Funnily enough, the leftist version of that has always been Angry [X] Noises. Probably because it's both cute and encapsulates one's inner ire for the status quo.

Mastodon, I assign you a task.
It is of great importance.

Please, for the love of God, reclaim this face. It's too cute to be indicative of people with brainworms.

I hate that Tears for Fears is still in the cultural unconscious, but I also love that song??

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