So I hate to just blurt this out all of a sudden, but a friend of mine could really use your help.

He lives in Portland and is about to get evicted from his residence and all of his contingencies have either fallen through or flaked out on him.

He has a car, an at-home job, and is able to support his board, just not a room.

If you have or know someone with a spare bedroom within 18 hours of Portland, please DM me. And I would really appreciate if you could boost this for visibility!!

UPDATE: I'd like to let people know that I've narrowly managed to secure temporary housing for the person in question. They could still use a more permanent residence within the Portland, OR - Seattle area, though and they're willing to make the trip themselves!

Thank you so, so much for spreading this, too! It sincerely means a lot to the both of us!

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