Reminder: If you're constructing databases for the technically inept and they have access to it, do not bow to their requests.

In so doing, I managed to break a SQL resource so thoroughly that I have to scrap the entire thing I spent weeks working on and start from scratch.

@tahajin Database structure is your job. Otherwise it's like allowing a person you're designing a building for to dictate what building materials you use. They may be able to have some say over form, but NOT structure and function.

@desitively Yeah, it was my mistake to try and be accommodating and it's basically going to dictate how the next several weeks are going to unfold.

It's just all that effort brought down by a moment's incompetence that is driving me to drink...water because there's no alcohol allowed on the premises. |3

@tahajin It's OK. You learned a valuable lesson. If you're a nice person, it's easy to get sucked into thinking that you should make everybody happy, including in areas in which they have no say.

@desitively Caught red handed! I'm a people pleaser, for better or for worse.

It's been such an uphill battle just getting people to transition from Excel to Access for database needs, much less to Ignition that I thought a few conciliatory acts wouldn't be all that bad. But a few became many and many lead to database instability.

@tahajin Yep, and Access gives people the dangerous notion that they can alter structure to make life easy for themselves. If I can make a suggestion, it's to eventually move those bozos to a real SQL DB of some sort.

@desitively That's the plan, this is just an intermediate step to get people used to rigidity in design over Excel's 'every cell's an object' versatility.

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