I should switch to cybre.space as my main I think...

tfw when the code you are reading makes you 🙈

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in PGP transistors, encryption flows from the emitter to the collector, while in GPG transistors, encryption flows from the collector to the emitter

Noooooooooo, just broke my 60 day German streak on Duolingo 😔🙃😱😑😮

I haven't looked yet but there better be an Overwatch podcast called overcast or I'm gonna be sooooo mad

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Good morning, residents of Kitty.Town!

We are taking the next step in building our community. Here are some fliers you can easily print and put up/hand out. Coffee shops, collective workspaces, coops, book shops - place them where you'd hang out. 😸

kitty.town/media/LDf9z97LIJllu kitty.town/media/mJBGxnYEbRL2G kitty.town/media/OsZJ8xTfb1lq6

Where would I get 0.01MHz - 1MHz voltage controlled oscillators these days? Looks all the stuff on digikey is TOO FAST

Anyone else do that thing of scrolling through internet feeds until you feel nauseous? It's like I can't look away

Best part of Sunday is getting ORBITAL OPERATIONS in my inbox

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