We need to get past the point where the general public thinks you're a strange child for using end-to-end encrypted apps, such as Signal, even in the case when you're merely a concerned ordinary citizen who disagrees with illegal and uncontrolled mass surveillance.

People need to understand that "I don't need privacy, I have nothing to hide." is just as crazy as "I don't need freedom of speech, I have nothing to say."

@jeffalyanak Exactly. That's pretty much the main idea what the website header of states.
It's so frustrating to encounter people who say that - it makes me feel like I'm talking to a primitive caveman.

@taivlam I've got my entire family and most of my close friends using signal

@tulsi That sounds great! However, I've faced a lot of inertia from other people to even try out a new app at my end.

@taivlam yeah which is kinda understandable. I sold my family on it by group chats in signal being much better than mms based group chats. And most of my friends care about infosec or at least respect how much I care.

@tulsi Yes, Signal is great with group chats. For me, it's a deal maker because Signal does a better job at keeping group chats in correct chronological order (well, at least more often) than MMS. This is crucial if you're someone who doesn't keep the cellular data/WiFi on all the time on your smartphone.

@tulsi Yet, there is still some inertia from people that I know to get them to use Signal, even as a new app, ignoring those who don't care about privacy and infosec.

@tulsi I guess being hi-tech doesn't necessarily mean you know anything/care at all about infosec and privacy...

@taivlam I've started making this a boundary setting moment. Like if you respect me and want me to feel comfortable engaging with you I need you to do this. This has worked for me pretty well but ymmv

@tulsi This is an interesting and ingenious idea. I'll see how far I can take this idea!

@June @Qwyrdo Yeah, well at least some of them do. They tend to fall into 2 categories:
1. "Why bother?" &/or "The government/mass surveillance captures everything anyways." (That's not 100% true - there are some things we can do about it; just google "EFF surveillance self defense".)
2. "I have nothing to hide [so I don't have to care about privacy]." (This is the classic and worst response.)
If you have any other opinion that isn't the 2 above, then most people (that I know) think I'm strange.

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