starting with armor is for squares. the only defense i need is my magical glowing skin (remember to moisturize)

my other character. i invaded as a bell keeper using hidden weapon and a huge-ass greatsword because i hate god and other people having fun

i logged into dark souls just to get my character info. thank god for steam cloud (why the hell did they remove it in dark souls 3 i've had to start that game over so many times UGH)

persona 5's translation is a bit busted, but i can't imagine any way they'd translate this conversation if they didn't leave the japanese honorifics in it (very mild party spoilers)

starting a new art installation, it's called "me holding game boxes and looking bored as a way to protest corporate policies about nerd games"

the challenge of packing for my flight tomorrow is whether or not i can fit my boy in my suitcase (i think i can it's just that he's larger than all my other luggage combined)

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