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anyway follow me at to convince me to post there because masto dot social's community is Hell

also because the at kara handle is mine there MASTODON DOT SOCIAL @kara FIGHT ME UNDER THE BRIDGE

anyway follow me at to convince me to post there because masto dot social's community is Hell

anyway i'm going the hell to sleep because it's 5am and i stayed up late playing secret world like a LOSER

nothing says "i'm a functioning adult who's good at things" like fucking my sleep schedule with viddy games because i'm terrified of failure 24/7

"i have a problem with the mastodon dot social community"
"great open your own instance"
"i shouldn't have to do that"
"w-we can't solve this problem through more tech?? how can this be"

like having more input in the mastodon software's development is all well and good but we really should've seen this coming (seeing as this the direction all open source projects go in the end)

but we really should've had more instances from the get-go instead of either going "you can just open your own!!" ad nauseum until people gave up

i want to weigh in on The Take but i also very much do not want to weigh in on the take whatsoever

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Okay here's a real toot that you can actually boost without people looking at you like you're crazy.

The past few weeks (okay, ever since the schism) I've felt kind of disenchanted by Mastodon and especially its development environment, and I wrote an essay about why that is. It's long, but if you're interested in Mastodon's history or politics you should give it a read.

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If you play Ultimate Chicken Horse, check this level I made with @takaeri

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i wish everyone could be as cozy as i am in this moment

me: *feels like garbage all the time, stays up super late often making me feel worse*
also me: love yourself :)

mastodon facts:

-it's good
-i enjoy it
-i've made a lot of friends but i'm too scared to talk to any of them
-tusky's pretty great
-are we done calling it a twitter-killer because that was old three months ago

hey i'm tech writer jones, and i'm here to say that this mastodon thing that everyone is enjoying is actually bad! i've never used it nor do i have an understanding about it, but i don't like it so it's probably going to fail. pay me

me yesterday: ah cool spanish speakers are here now
me today: i wish i had paid attention in spanish class because i have no idea what's going on anymore

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I'm looking to evolve the ideology past fuzzlord. I'm thinking fuzzfolk is more inclusive, and those loveable reptiles can have scalefolk or some nonsense. I can't think of anything for amphibians that isn't creepy, because no one wants to be referred to as moistfolk.

i don't know where the "how do you do fellow teens" meme comes from but i love it and i just described something as "too 'how do you do fellow teens' for me"

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