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btw the flag in my banner is a flag i designed to represent gay men & masculine-leaning people.

the blues symbolize different kinds of masculinity, the white is for the gender spectrum, the yellow is for nb gays, and green symbols have been used to represent love between men e.g. by wilde who picked green carnations

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hey did yall miss me. i reactivated my twitter and im getting attention there lmao. i cant committ to anything can i

overnight i moved her 10+ times and she ended up leaving after a while and the one time i didnt intend to move her n just pet her she moved to snuggle me skdndbd

hmmm. got very sleepy when i came home from work, woke up with a lot of fluid in my airways i needed to cough up. unsure if i should maybe act against illness or if i maybe tape binded in the wrong way

someone remind cis men to change their clothes sometimes

done w my first hr of work in this school year.... i love teens who r eager to learn

also one of my kids is So Excited to see me... i cant wait

12.5 hours a week so far.... im gonna be eating well

i hope i can work around 4 hours a day this semester at least so i can make enough money to make up for my lost allowance. if i dont get this many hours i might consider getting a second job. or i will take commissions

im having a really good mental health day today, considering im graduating soon and going back to work tomorrow. ill make another 20-or so bucks for my surgery. feels good

my whole life ive been using those gels for any sorta skin irritation and it works immediately. it also works for acne and makes scabs heal faster. definitely dont put it up vaginas though

people who use kinesiotape for sports or binding: yall know those "feminine" washing gels? they dont do shit for ur privates BUT as youre peeling that tape off you should follow the tape with slathering that shit on ur skin

removed the kt tape... titties free... but at what cost

is anyone elses cat also terrible at eating kibbles.... mine just opens her mouth wide and tries to bite through the entire bowl

i mailed in my thesis! its shit but whatever. not doing any more of this today

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i keep forgetting when im supposed to do my hrt shot... i think todays the day

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