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i'm legally a girl, which suggests that at some point i was illegally a girl, which is cyberpunk as fuck

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alright here's one

do you know people who might want to do a few drawings of:
- a G-rated slime girl thing
- a werewolf and a magical girl

for moneys

The 500 size text box here is a bit of a struggle to get used to. I mean, I was pretty comfortable with the tight shortformness of twitter but the medium here being so much longer makes me feel like I'm wasting bits by not using as many of them as a thought can possibly involve. It literally makes me feel wasteful and as a result I behave wastefully.


Hey friends. This Thanksgiving Day, if you're alienated, or alone, or isolated, and would like to have just a little bit of time to hang out and have a nice thanksgiving morning without Asshole Family Members, I made this little audio play for you. I hope it helps you feel less bad on a day that can feel awful.

Sharing this is very welcome, I really want this to reach lonely people.


it's easy to shittalk twitter, and by all means, do, it's bad, but after this round of marking I've come to really deeply hate instagram

it's insidious the way it uses all its metrics and systems to slowly convert people from making content to making instagram

all these fascinating student projects slowly infested with the instagram media cordecyps losing all individuality while they chase hashtags and struggle to maximise analytics instead of pursuing the projects themselves

pepe the frog, autofellatio 

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Good natured jokes about Genderswapping fanfiction 

Hey, @bax@bofa.lol, this looks cool. The Brattle Used Bookstore in Boston.

I try to keep my opinions on my students nice and positive and kind in all public spaces, but I will admit to just gorging on utter schadenfreude when I see them, in presentations, provide the _shocking_ realisation that editing audio and video is, in fact, _super fucking hard_

The documentary Tickled, on Netflix, is both extremely harrowing and awfully fascinating. Recommended halloween watching.

Oh sure, @bax@bofa.lol will TELL you he's down on curiouscat but then he's going and faving the tweets about it on that



Anyway, today I handed in one of my year's Action Progress Reports to the uni, telling them what I've been up to. My first draft mentioned in response to 'Is there anything going on in your personal life impacting your research' that my grandmother died

The next question was 'do you expect this problem to recur' and I answered 'I don't think she'll die again.'

Kinda wondering if I should be setting up on some other federation just because @ social seems like the most basic-ass handle to have, but on the other hand, I'm definitely not a Bofa person and I'm also not particularly furry.

Talenlee@excultistsgamedevelopingnerdacademics probably don't exist

Oh and John Lilly's experiments with trying to get dolphins to talk/fuck women are 50 years old now, too

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