The song "Roland the headless Thompson gunner" ends with "Pattie Hearst heard the sound of Roland's Thompson gun and bought it" But ... bought it means die, doesn't it? And she's still alive. So what's going on there?

Marie Kondo is one of those things I start hating after I've heard about it for the third time or so. Because you just know people will keep bringing it up.

I can quote a lot of stuff from Last Crusade verbatim, but this remains my favorite.

I need to make better (more challenging= encounters in &d 5e. Pointers?


The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and still isn’t as sensitive as a white man on the Internet

Finally hung up my 2019 calendar and now I want to rewatch Oldboy.

Anyone watching the Dirty John TV show? Is it as good as the podcast?

Watched the first ep of Attack on Titan. This seems like a cheerful show.

Concept: Queer remake of Moby Dick called "Captain AMAB".

Watching Doctor


It's so funny to discover things backwards from most anyone else : Watching Seinfeld, it's Nedry from Jurassic Park. Watching Farscape, it's Chloe from Uncharted.

I've started playing ESO and boy does it scratch that Skyrim itch.

May you have in 2019 the focus and determination of a rat gnawing open a macadamia nut.

I gave up on HZD. It's a good game, but too unforgiving for my blundering playstyle.

Things might have gone differently if the neural net I trained to generate Christmas movies had not previously been trained on horror movies.

hello good morning please sign the petition to bring back that one dead thing from your childhood that you still like for some reason

I can't get her out of my head
but at least,
at least
we now know
that my brain parasite is female


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