Many programmers are like pirates: their first love is the C

I will be joined by the incompetent @andresindoril and the also incompetent @taliamaytea.

I am also incompetent.

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Part 2 of my Create Your Own Cloud Quote Bot tutorial series is up for Patrons only!

This time: Refactoring, HTML, CSS, Templating, Security, and Maxwell Lord

(context: Shark "scales" are called "dermal denticles". They're modified teeth, covered in enamel and everything.)

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Why is it called Typing Of The Dead and not Read Dead

What no one is telling you about the Animal Crossing endgame:
It's revealed that Tom Nook is Dr. Moreau in disguise and there's a really good reason you're on this island with anthropomorohic animals...

So my new phone let's me compose a toot from the quick actions buttons on the pull down menu...

Actually, it's only suffering if it's from the @hiscursedness region of Social Media. Otherwise it's just sparkling spite.

Every indie game goes over budget because we're used to no-scoping things

I think it would be cool if churches displayed statues of biblically accurate angels

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