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The censorship in #fdroid is really annoying. There were 5 new apps in the last cycle. The F-Droid app shows only one of them. A 'feature' not a bug! For unfiltered experience people have to use G-Droid. #gdroid does not filter by quality or political agenda. G-Droid does what it says 'newest' shows all newest apps. To hide low quality apps G-Droid has a wide range of additional features. #Android #foss

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Okay... Confession time. I did the Devuan thing for a while and then just said, "Why? I've still got several other major major Unices with support for SysV or BSD style init scripts, and many distros also support OpenRC (which I've only ever used in production with Gentoo), and although I might deny this if you tell anyone, I actually enjoy using SystemD with Debian and to a lesser degree, CentOS.

I mean, Devuan is kewl and all. I use it, just not either as my daily driver or generally as a general purpose production sever platform. Although... Apt w/SysV init is still pretty fricken' kewl!

I still find myself vomiting most days I hear the word... Systemd.

But this whole /home/$UID.homedir idea is, so far, total crap!

1.) Fricken username collisions - how does one accommodate my homedir on a USB stick if there's another 'tallship' already on the system? And what if I liked usin|π

2.) How does SSH read my public ED25519 SSH key on the remote box when it's LUKS encrypted until I'm logged in? Duh!

3.) You're gonna chown my dirs? WTF? - what about the daemons in my ~/ tree that I set to other UIDs???

I hope Poetering gets food poisoning the next time he goes out for 🍣 sushi!

But... I think they wrote this just for me personally, to keep my blood pressure in check:

So, there’s no need for anyone to go into full-on pitchforks and burning torches mode, or so we're told. Because the standard methods for managing users and home directories will remain, we’ll all still have choice"

If that's REALLY true, I can see me being okay with this in various use the cases lol.

Yeah, sure... Right 😜

Don't tread on my /etc/rc.local lolz 🤡
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I *just* upgraded to v2.5.4 exactly three days ago and it never fails!


It always requires a big download followed by a complete install which always makes me leary of an in-process failure. In fact, There always does seem to be some hiccup such as open files it says can't be updated but I have backups so I've always beeen able to safely ignore that (Not finding any such offending processes when I actually look).

Next thing I'm going to be getting notifications from F-Droid that #KeepassDX needs to be upgraded too, but at least that will be painless.

Using these two together, one on Android and #KeepassXC on Desktop OSes, while keeping everything synched up on a private #Gitea server or #Keybase private, encrypted #Git repos, well.... it just rocks!

One could keep their .kdbx files on something like #NextCloud as well.
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Well..... lolz

I got my https://Hey.com invite the other day, and like so many othe things, I left it sitting by the proverbial jar in the hallway that everyone drops their keys into when they come inside (NO, not litterally - my daddy taught me to keep my keys and my wallet in my pants at all times not being used. So many people lose their keys that way!)

Anyway, it was only about a week and then I wanted to play with my nice new shiny #Hey.com "exclusive" club's features, take it for a test drive, and they even said that I could use my special invite code to invite two other people (once being another incantation of myself, of course, and some #ubergeek friend too - I did this back when I got in on the #gmail beta way back).

Well!!! Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that in the week or so that my exclusive invite code welcoming me into an exclusive community of early adopters, I had been relegated to a regular joe #schmoe - just like all the rest of you #little_people out there (No, Judy Garland didn't thank us in her Oscar acceptance speech)....

That's right, when following the link to my signup page I was welcomed by a very friendly sign up button that said - "Try it for FREE!"

Umm.... So, not only am I one of the little people, just an average schmoe with no VIP status nor with a need to use my super duper special beta sign up code, They've already gone from exclusive beta to publicly open for business?

That's bullshit! Where's the exclusivity? The #VIP status privilege? And... wait! #WTF?

You're going to graciously offer me a $14_day_trial? Followed by a hundred dollars a year (Plus tax)????

Hm.... Nvidia.... Linus.... Something comes to mind...

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How many folks here were even out of their #diapers when #Clinton was #prez? Huh?

#Privacy and #security are age old concepts going back to #Mesopotamia and surely much earlier, and still, people pretend that their #confidential discussions and #communications are protected under some sort of #etiquette or promise of a social contract where it's somehow unacceptable to to use #private, #unencrypted conveyance to.... whatever someone, a third party, wants to do with it.

So, back to my question... #Meg_Whitman was running for #Governator of #California following the #Gray_Davis recall, but Arnold terminated that fucker and her claim to fame remains to this day, bowing to #Beijing and handing over, as the #Chairman of #eBay (who owned both #PayPal and #Skype at the time) all of the chat logs and communication data of #Chinese citizens using Skype.

This was done, under duress, since #China had promised to kick out eBay if they didn't comply, and #that_fucking_bitch affected what ended up with millions of #political_dissidents in #China being rounded up, or #disappeared, and subjected to years of daily #rape, #torture, and ahem.... #re-education.

No, I'm not talking about the #Uyghurs. I'm referring to #Falon_Gong.

Anyway, it's buried, covered over with a carpet like dust your kids didn't want to sweep into the dust pan - but it's all there, a black blot on the legacy of the now Microsoft owned commuications platform (hint, don't try to search for it with #Bing, lolz).

ANYWAY.... That's not the topic of today's post (toot, whatev, #biotch!). While the United States and much of the western world is obsessed with mostly peaceful #riots and active #arson, #vandalism, and #murdering their fellow #Bolsheviks or people that already lived in the neighborhoods they've invaded, #Hong_Kong is falling.

It's so bad that #England has offered to take in 3 million of what will soon likely become 7 million refugees and many of those folks that are left will cease to exist as well, shortly after the tanks come - what everyone had hoped would evolve into another #Romania in 1989, is becoming #Hungary and #Czechoslovakia all over again.

Y'know, I'mma just gonna leave the rest up to you in the form of a meme, a meme which demonstrates just how deadly your private thoughts and trivial jests can be to your health.

Fare thee well, for so foul a sky clears not without a storm.
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#Brendan_Eich just directly responded to the #twat that I posted on #twatter at the top of this thread. He's obviously frustrated that even after conceivably everyone on his staff told him this was wrong, he went ahead and implemented the #link_hijacking in his #Brave_Browser.

He's trying to say now that this is some #mistake they made, and that their #opt_in widget for crypto somehow got picked up by their autocomplete, also, when pressed further, he's saying that they've now turned this #affiliate feature off by default and show how you can disable this until the next software update...

But #Git doesn't lie. You can see all the commits and see exactly what happened in their repo. This was a deliberate insertion of #URLs for link-hijacking. This is wrong, and it's been noted that this isn't the first um... hm.... #sketchy thing he's done (I"m being kind, I could have used words like, #idiotic or #nefarious or #insidious or #diabolical or #degenerate or a host of other adjectives), but I'm going to lean on the misguided rather than criminal side of things here - #Eich is just a fucking #Goombah showing his narcissism. He could have listened to his staff but when he gets it in his head that he's right, then everyone else is wrong and he just goes all #Steve_Jobs on everyone.

If Brendan's Brave Browser project was such a coveted partner of #Binance and #Coinbase, etc., then suffice it to say that the User Agent String would have been more than enough to let those companies know that it was his browser that was bringing fresh meat to the slaughter, er... I mean #BBQ.

It is, after all, his project. And it is a struggle to monetize #FOSS projects, but you don't have to do stupid fucking shit that alienates your own proponents who are privacy advocates!

How lame is that?

Anyway, as you can see, he thinks out loud on the keyboard and *just muted* the convo. lolz...

Well #Brendan, in the #Fediverse, no one can hear you #censor - sorry bub (NOT). h/t to #Sigourney_Weaver there ;)

The #Moral of the story here isn't that a FOSS champion has betrayed anyone, it's that as a user of FOSS, and #advocate and #protagonist of FOSS, and someone who is interested in your own #privacy, #intellectual_property, and freedom, you also need to take responsibility for that #freedom in the same way that Ben_Franklin points out to us all.

@OpenSource software is superior because you can audit for yourself the code it is comprised of (that's just one reason), but you must always fight for your freedom, you can't just #abdicate your own authority for ensuring you remain free, and although you can certainly #delegate some of that responsibility to watchdogs like #davidgerard.co.uk, you really must be diligent in your insistence to remain free.

Am I dumping the Brave Browser now, or am I going to stop recommending it? Um... Look, it's better than a lot of alternatives (#Firefox has always rocked, face it!), and not as good as some other #Chromium based browsers, but for the average #schmoe it does provide a lot of privacy features out of the box for your average #n00b.

Brave is but one of my backup chromium installs on #Android, and #David_Gerard makes a few decent recommendations there for those who aren't technologically challenged, I've been antithetical to Microsoft products since before I started teaching the #MCSE program for them in 1995, but at the moment, I've actually be watching and testing the new chromium based Edge Browser (it supports Chrome plugins), and that's a hard admission to make for me, the guy who's been on a mission from God to eradicate all Windows products in the Enterprise since I discovered #SLS and #Yggdrasil #Linux, but then again, I came from an early 4.2 #BSD background anyway.

So getting back to that somewhat rhetorical question, no, Eich is eating his crow now, let's hope this will suffice for the time being, while greater, more viable and effective solutions yet loom on the horizon :)

I hope that helps :)

- tallship

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So some #Bozo's thought that #RMS was being a bit harsh when he got all religious and #FSFy on Canonical not too long ago, calling Shopping Lens #malware.

After reading the quote below, lemme know if you still think so:

"In the Ubuntu 20.04 package base, the Chromium package is indeed empty and acting, without your consent, as a backdoor by connecting your computer to the Ubuntu Store. Applications in this store cannot be patched, or pinned. You can't audit them, hold them, modify them, or even point snap to a different store. You've as much empowerment with this as if you were using proprietary software, i.e. none. This is in effect similar to a commercial proprietary solution, but with two major differences: It runs as root, and it installs itself without asking you."

- Clement Lefebvre

I know I know you're gonna call me hypocritical for recommending #Mint to #n00bs for all of these years while never running it myself or installing it for those customers whose machines I actually manage. Why? Coz I actually do prefer #LMDE for those folks, I just don't want then to be discouraged and go back to #wYNd0z3 if they got a minor hiccup when attempting to install it alone by themselves, and regular Mint usually avoids that pitfall for the beginner.

And as y'all know how find I am of saying, "Friends don't let friends run #ewboontew!"

Yah, there's a lot of hour about the new release. How many people are hey about installs occurring behind your back for things you can't control? And targeting you through one of the most prevalent user space apps.

Didn't y'all yer lesson when #Mark_Shuttleworth brushed off the criticism by suggesting that n00bs could just install #Shopping_Lens?

I mean, seriously? n00bs didn't even know what it was, let alone how to remove it!

Weren't you sufficiently schooled when #Canonical went out of their way to scrape and remove virtually every mention of the word #Linux from their websites and literature?

I'll say it again and again, #Friends_dont_let_friends_run_ewboontew and you should always be on the lookout for #AYBABTU.

I've been a Mint fan for years, just not the ewboontew derivation, why not give #Linux_Mint a spin as it should be? i.e., a #rolling_release based on #Debian Testing:

Oh, yeah, if you kinda like ewboontew and you're feeling butt-raped over Canonical forcing their #snapd and store young you... Especially in such a #nefarious way, note that That #Clem, his #dev team, and the other good folks over at Linux Mint aren't going let this happen and have blocked it.

So in whatever respect this divergence will eventually manifest, it is, at the very least, a giant leap in the right direction.

#tallship #Vger
I can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔
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**Trump invites India's Modi to attend G7 summit in US**

"In phone call with Modi, Trump conveys desire to expand the ambit of G7 grouping beyond the existing membership."


#news #bot

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So you children of the world
Listen to what I say
If you want a better place to live in
Spread the word today
Show the world that love is still alive
You must be brave
Or you children of today are
Children of the grave, Yeah!

This current civil unrest actually has little to nothing to do with yet another murder of an American citizen at the hands of a dirty pig 🐖 - this happens everyday, without deference to any sort of race or even racism... It's just your average, "training op", for these badge bearing sociopaths; commonplace opportunities to induce pain and suffering upon those whom they are sworn to serve and protect.

Why? Because they're sociopathic sadists, of course.

So just what are these daytime *protestors* protesting? The arrest and prosecution of a pig that murdered someone? That's already happening, so no, it can't be that. Maybe they want the charges dropped and him to be released? No. Not that either, but wouldn't that be fun? I can't imagine anyone trying to stop him from being drawn and quartered lolz.

I don't even think they know themselves. To be sure, when asked directly, they can't actually articulate what it is.

Oh, wait... maybe because it was a black man that died? That seems to be a common racist thread they're promoting, which is sad. White privilege lol. I have the benefit of white privilege, which means, after all the times the cops have kicked my ribs in, or picked me up by my balls and slammed my face into the concrete as they have, that no one will pay attention - that no one will point to the real issues at hand. Police brutality is colorblind unless you're black - then you get attention for being wronged and abused...

But if you're white, or Hispanic, or Asian, you enjoy #white_privilege, so the cops get to kill you and no one ever pays attention, and it's never a statistic that the God damned Bolsheviks and other racists will ever cite... Police brutality and murder at the hands of the cops ONLY matters if you're black.

That's racism at it's worst...

Asian lives "Don't" matter

White lives "Don't" matter

Hispanic lives "Don't" matter

Native American lives "Don't" matter

*ONLY* Black lives matter

Really? You're all a bunch of racist, Bolshevik morons! Because *ALL LIVES MATTER* Asshole!!!

These #racist so-called #protestors certainly aren't so stupid that they actually believe we can invent a different kind of cop (yes, it appears that they certainly are). That's just not possible, it will NEVER happen!

In all of history, cops have never been any different (ever). And these boneheads that don't even know what is is they're #protesting against in the street isn't even a thing, and yet, a thing that they should be #demonstrating FOR is more monitoring, recording, and accountability by virtue of the adoption of technology - these positive #demonstrations that aren't taking place, and the demonstrators that don't at this juncture exist are sorely needed, along with the #advocacy groups that help to keep the police in check and under continuous public scrutiny.

Guess what? There is, right now at this very moment, a really bad cop, in custody for murder charges, that will mostly likely spend the rest of his life in an industrial grade butt-rape dormatory, and that's a good thing! Why? Coz schmoes like you and me were out there filming videos of his crime that apparently resulted in, or at the very least contributed in a large way to, the murder of an alleged criminal that he arrested and took into custody.

So, more #bodycams, #dashcams, and 360° VR rooftop mounted cams that really don't have blindspots - all with audio recording capabilities that are ALWAYS ON.

And of course, a citizenry that is always conscientious, making sure to stop and film any police action they happen upon - just like the good folks that filmed this pig grinding his knee into the suspects neck... Did I mention that I know what this is like? I do, and I also know what it feels like when a pig is grinding his knee into my spine in the middle of my back.

Black lives Don't matter more than my own, especially when the cops are crushing my rib cage and beating me with clubs - I dare you to dispute that bitch!

The #Stazi, the #NKV, it doesn't matter what you call the #police, it takes a certain type of narcissistic #sociopath to do the job, and if you can't rise to the occasion you just have to find another line of work. It's not their fault, really. They're either already these sorts of miscreants, or they're molded into it. It must be that way... It's a shitty fucking job and they really do (most of them) want to do good - it's just that they're bad people, lolz.

So #accountability, partly though the use of active #surveillance technology is something that organized demonstrators and #activism groups can #advocate and #lobby for. #Easy_Peasy!

But protestors? They're all just a bunch of moronic #hateful Bolsheviks that seek to destroy the sanctity of the life we as #Americans endeavor to enjoy.

Yet the throngs of fools taking to the streets also is a result of the ridiculous lockdowns imposed on a population of free peoples. Asinine encroachments upon our #liberties that impede and restrict our free movement, expression, worship, and of course, our right to #peaceful_assembly.

#Bolsheviks like Governor #Gavin_Newsom who, under the guise of preventing the loss of life, has been overtly waging a campaign to murder millions of American citizens by implementing a #zombie_apocalypse with the ensuing famine and disease and death that follows the economic destruction of a society. To wit: he is a #cannibal and he eats our young!

And now this so-called Governor, a #Bolshevik, is purposefully enabling the #murder of Innocents by perpetuating this #lawlessness to infect our entire state!

Yes, the underlying cause of this #civil_unrest is not the #death of one criminal at the hands of a #sadistic 🐖 #pig, but rather, the extended #imprisonment under house arrest of #American citizens due to the #Wuhan_China_Virus.

So much for the #morons calling themselves protestors. They're just #haters. And #haters_gonna_hate, just like ain'ters gonna ain't.

The so-called *protestors* rallying in the streets during the daylight hours will certainly help us reach #herd_immunity sooner; and after dark, the same goes for the #criminal #rioters, all of them #racists #terrorizing and #murdering innocent folks and their children covered in this NYT article:


We need the military now! - the actual regular #Army and the #Marines - to #intervene and crush these #rioters now with swift and #deadly_force, as they so efficiently and effectively did in 1992, before these murderous scumbag hoards succeed in burning more children!

I can't tell you how nice it was, in #1992, to be able walk from my house to the #liquor_store in the #ghetto of Long Beach, and not have to sling my #AR-15 because I knew there would be a friendly #US_Marine standing on the corner with a #twelve_gauge_shotgun, protecting me and my girlfriend as we went to buy a gallon of milk for the kid.

It took a few days for them to mobilize after the governor of #California got permission from the president, but it was certainly much better than being forced to hose down my street with bullets just so my car wasn't #firebombed or overtaken and rolled over with me in it like some of my neighbors that didn't own any weapons to protect themselves with.

My own brother had to borrow one of my ARs coz his friend that owned another #neighborhood market needed to ensure the murdering #zombie hoards wouldn't burn his little store to the ground and #kill_him too - like a lot of the other #Koreans, and also the #Indian and #Pakistani store owners who hadn't yet acheived their full citizenship, which complicated their owning of firearms to protect their families and properties and businesses. And (wait for it... Wait for it...) There were just as many #African_American and white shop owners that were incinerated defending their businesses and properties too, by the way.

But I'm sure you've all seen the videos of those poor unfortunate Ma and Pa shop owners, besieged within their little storefront businesses, being #burned_alive as the #racist_rioters and looters lobbed #firebombs at them, while the #Los_Angeles_Fire_Department parked, blocks away, because the #LAPD wouldn't protect them either!

That's right, the [organized] rioters actually had rooftop #snipers that were #shooting_firefighters and #killing them to make sure that the buildings burned down with people inside of them.

No? You don't have any idea what we went through, or what we had to do to defend our own lives? #How_dare_you cheer on these #murderers running amok in the streets! How dare you glorify their #pillaging and the destruction that you cheer them on for!

Don't get me wrong, it is fun to shoot [at] people, it's just best if left to the professionals.

It's time we bring in those brave, noble, #uniformed_military_professionals to crush these #insurrections that are quite publicly being championed and encouraged by the #subversive_Bolshevik, #Governor_Gavin_Newsom.


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Okay... Confession time. I did the #Devuan thing for a while and then just said, "Why? I've still got several several major major Unices with support for #SysV or #BSD style init scripts, and many distros also support #OpenRC (which I've never used in production, only playing around in #Gentoo), and although I might deny this if you tell anyone, I actually enjoy using #SystemD with #Debian and #CentOS. (Shhhh! Mum's the word okay?)

I'm still a Devuan advocate and contributor though 😎

But this whole /home/$UID.homedir idea is, so far, total crap!

1.) Fricken username collisions - how does one accommodate my homedir on a USB stick if there's another 'tallship' already on the system?

2.) How does #SSH read my public #Ed25519 key on the remote box when it's #LUKS encrypted until I'm logged in? Duh!

3.) You're gonna #chown my dirs? WTF? - what about the daemons in my ~/ tree that I set to other UIDs??? And many of those applications are, by convention, set to UIDs higher than 1000 (i.e., many #Slackbuilds)

I hope #Poettering gets food poisoning the next time he goes out for 🍣 #sushi!

But... I think they wrote this next part just for me personally, to keep my blood pressure in check (or maybe it's just lip service until they can #AYBABTU):

"So, there’s no need for anyone to go into full-on pitchforks and burning torches mode. Because the standard methods for managing users and home directories will remain, we’ll all still have choice"

If that's REALLY true, I can see me being okay with this in various use cases lol.

Don't tread on my /etc/rc.local lolz 🤡

#tallship #Vger #WTF #homectl You no can haz #Cheezburgerz!

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Friendly reminder: "X as a service" is just a misleading corporate euphemism for "pay forever for not owning it".

"Software as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning the software".

"Games as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning games".

"Infrastructure as a service" actually means "pay forever for not owning the hardware".

And so on.

There is no "cloud", it's just other people's computers

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Hey I've been wondering for a while what the asterisks and plus signs (or lack thereof) over at https://fediverse.network/pleroma mean.

Typically, and by standard convention, when there are asterisks and other types of note/exception flags like that, one puts those symbols at the bottom (or top) of the page or document, which explains what those symbols denote - there's no such explanation of what these symbols mean at Fediverse.Network though.

Can someone please explain (if anyone knows) what those asterisks and plus signs and the lack thereof denote?

I've included a graphic (screenie) of the page showing how those symbols are being used, but without any explanation as to what that indicates.

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