I'm one of those people who believes that, "Trust isn't something you earn - it's something you lose".

With respect to blocks and filtering, If you think that I advocate against those necessary tools and features, you couldn't be more wrong.

It's where they're implemented and especially how, and with what deference given to the prominence of such disclosure, that I am passionate about.

Anyone who has known me for years knows that I'm a fierce kick/ban Bofh ;)

Just sayin' :)

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mps-youtube is the best thing ever. All the goodness of youtube without the horrible web design of youtube.

(Make sure to set search_music off and show_video on, though.)

But its growing popularity means that somewhere between 19:00 and 22:00 Eastern time it stops working due to the API key quota being exhausted.

But you know, you can just get your own API key and configure your copy to use that instead…

We'll build a better Whirlpool
We'll be living from sin
And we can really begin...


off the back porch, just now, here on the in the remote of .

The ocean is about thirty miles into the distance below the ... Beautiful and here, and abounds.

I stuck with version 7.1 and opted NOT to submit to by virtue of the imposed by the childish developers in a decidedly clandestine manner...

There is no mention of these blocks across wide swaths of the Fediverse at either the Google Playstore or at F-Droid.

Immature script kiddies.

Fortunately, it's 'd, and a solid, maintained fork has appeared in the playstore:


F-Droid's Public Statement on Neutrality of Free Software:

Kudos to F-Droid and for their respective positions on the role of FOSS.

It ain't free if it's censored, and for that reason, I believe 's description should include a clear advisory that it blocks and censors entire portions of the .

It's no surprise this has led to at least two forks of Tusky already - users should be informed of the restriction and limitations imposed upon them.

Well there's been a lot of frenetic discussion and misunderstandings about the latest SPAMming of the recently.

It's going to get bad before it gets worse lol. The article I've linked to has some really divisive points - I'm not posting it to start a debate, but
the two parts that even a neophyte should pay attention to in the article are - use and .

I hope that helps!

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#YaST team blogs about new possibilities for a storage guided proposal for those who configure the installer for a certain use case or system role - One Guided Proposal to Rule them All @opensuse

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Chuck Norris has never been accused of murder because his roundhouse kicks are recognized as "acts of God."

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Hello, I'm taking the time to notify a few people I follow about a dangerous post whereby 1600 Immigrations employees were doxed here in the fediverse, in hopes you can put this info into many hands - I've already called the FBI.

Here is the profile that doxed the innocents: and here is a profile that boosted it:

you can see those toots/boosts that I reported the profile and I hope you take the time as well to do so.


I've contemplated in awe, while hovering off cliffs covered in fields of snow white giant plumose anemones- three times the size of a horses cock; domesticated, as much as anyone can, California Moray eels in their natural environment; drank reisling while keeping count of flying fish clearing the freeboard...

But I've never seen a Right Whale...

Will your grandchildren?

Tired of those fake radio apps that say you need to plug in headphones to act as an antennae? Ads in the apps themselves or those so-called 'popular' services?

Well, RadioDroid is as close to an AM/FM car stereo radio that your going to find.

Truly refreshing. Truly.

tallship highly recommends and awards this application 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟's

and you can haz ! 🍔


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Yesterday, Youtube froze Kody Kinzie's longrunning Cyber Weapons Lab channel, citing a policy that bans "Instructional hacking and phishing: Showing users how to bypass secure computer systems."

This is a war on infosec and the ability for users to be informed of the security and vulnerability of the systems they use. will never ban infosec videos. Help us educate users by using our import tool to move your videos before they are blacklisted!

Still no perfect, lightweight solution, aside from full blown I guess, but considering that has been foundering the past few years since handed it off, I came across which fits a portion of my needs:

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(of which I number among), are often quick to correct folks when they say, 'Linux', pointing out that it should be stated as, 'GNU/Linux'.

Hmm... Well that's not right now is it? Before there was a GNU/Linux there was an arguably more correct and proper semantic construct adopted by who, by the way, created the first of

And now you know... and you can haz ! 🍔


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