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Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.


#tallship #Vger #dystopia #subjugation #privacy

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He was in the public dock, confessing everything, implicating everybody. He was walking down the white-tiled corridor, with the feeling of walking in sunlight, and an armed guard at his back. The longhoped-for bullet was entering his brain.


#tallship #Vger #dystopia #privacy #subjugation

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Freenode Commits Suicide - Evacuations Underway - Breaking News!


A few hours ago, under the direct intervention of the Crown Prince Andrew Lee of South Korea, beginning with about 700 IRC channells, Freenode staff began hijacking and purgings all channels that had mention of "Libera" in their channel topic.


More details in a minute, but first, just a short list of the sort of channels that have been seized by Mr. Lee in what can only be described a suicidal and vindictive usurpation of some of the most prominent names in the world of computer software:








# fosdem


The Gentoo channels, Haskel, Weechat, etc., etc., ad nauseum...

Basically, the pillars of the software world, Linux, C, major Fortune 500 companies - you name it. POOF!

Earlier articles on the subjects of what has been widely characterized and regarded as a hostile takeover of freenode in the Media were published here over the course of the past few days and fortunately, our registered projects with freenode and Libera were previously announced as having been secured as well.

Only one of our channels has been affected, because the second wave of hijacking was administered by what we can only presume to be a misbehaving, poorly configured bot, in that it seized ownership of channels that merely had mentions of the string "Libera" or "Libera.Chat" by anyone in the channels.

We received the following **Apology** from Andrew Lee with this statement, at 21:15:30hrs PST, posted directly in one of our channels affected by this second wave of hijackings:

-rasengan- [Global Notice] In the recent policy enforcement, some channels were erroneously included. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us in #freenode-services or contact-us@freenode.net. Thanks for your patience and choosing freenode!

To that we say, Fuck you freenode, and Fuck you very much Andrew Lee - go eat a fucking dick you punk ass bitch!

By tomorrow, the usual news media outlets will have published freenode's Obituary.

I'm going to post more discussion links to follow below, but suffice it to say that the Earth is indeed flat for freenode, and that ship has sailed over the edge into the abyss.

In the meantime, we urge everyone who has long standing friendships and associations with others still there to find them, and let them know where you'll be following the vacuum left after this implosion.

R.I.P. freenode



comparison of channels that have had their topics forcibly changed to reflect that they remain the official channels for registered projects (Libera string removed from topics):





Twatter is litterally on fire, it's such a mess that I just selected some random post that embodies the type of activities going on there:


It's total and complete fuckery.

#tallship #Vger #freenode #libera #irc #FOSS #andrew_lee #fuckery

2021-05-26 01.14.55 twitter.com…
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Coming up on my second anniversary with Gemini soon. Vger's come a long way from an experimental space to full community services and I rarely even bother to scan the ML very often, except to catch up on the introduction of new innovations, of which there are more and more each week!

I don't think that we need to do anything further to, "...make #gemini attractive to the average person." Considering most of it's growth and adoption have occurred organically, simple plugs here and there or links (gemini://lin.ks) to content w/o explanation are pretty much all any advocates, such as ourselves should really need in order to whet the appetite of folks - "uh.... what's that? It's a link. What is Gemini? I'mma google that and see what all this excitement is all about".

Curiosity, IMO, has done more for folks to embrace this young technology and protocol than any amount of ground pounding or pontification could achieve, I think, but there are some considerations that we can lean upon as ambassadors of good will for Gemini that might be counterintuitive for many of us:

1.) I like #Elpher, and no, I'm a Vim person, but it's my goto Gemini (and Gopher) browser, because it handles gopher:// and gemini:// equally well, especially with respect to dumping raw page text and refreshes, it's just easy from an analysts point of view. But this is beyond what one can reasonably expect for the target audience to have their interest piqued where Gemini is concerned.

Many folks in the actual community prefer cli clients or slightly more souped up solutions like #Bombadillo that frankly, would leave, as you put it, "...the average person" disinterested. On my part, that includes Elpher (Yeah, "the average person" is a #wYNd0z3 user - try getting them to install #Emacs on a win10 machine and then explain Melpa to them.... you'll get that fisheye glaze every time).

So clients like #LaGrange (https://github.com/skyjake/lagrange/releases/v1.4.2) are exceedingly important to the sphere of adoption in Gemini space - the "average user" has been almost continually, categorically dismissed IMO, as someone that this new protocol is for, but it's not, when you look at most of the client software available that many of us use - yet it is actually specifically for them in more ways than it is for us that have been running Gemini servers since the very beginning - a chance for them to take a break from the overwhelmingly frustrating anxiousness they are entreated to when participating in the world of silo's - i.e., Faceplant, InstaSPAM, Twatter, etc.

Lagrange, and a couple of others, affords these average users the ability to just click, download, doubleclick, then click next/next/next, and Voila, a beautiful experience in their familiar browser-esque experience is presented.

2.) Having been a longtime member of the Gopher world, runnning gopher services almost continually since one of the few places you could find it was in a public library replacing physical card catalogs, a lot of my colleagues there express openly, some not unjustified level of enmity towards Gemini, and although this is understandably so, I feel it is unwarranted and due mostly to misconceptions, or perhaps even because no one has ever really reached out to the Gopher community with actual invitations or suggestions from that elder and more mature community of us.

Indeed, many of us, and initially most of us, actually did rally around what was for me at least, a more contemporary (and dare I say familiar?) syntax for authoring content and inserting links in pages, delving into the project at an early stage. Some I think, are a bit wary that regardless of #Solderpunk's declaration that Gemini, "...will not replace either", is arguably an ominous caveat that it may actually erode some of the relevance that at least Gopher has enjoyed during its resurgence in popularity during the last decade.

Not just that, but also that Gemini exited the gate with the specification that it would use TLS by default - something that we in the #Gopher community had bantered about over the years with proposals followed by repeated tabling of such initiatives. Yet now, #TLS is well supported (depending upon your server daemon of choice) by Gopher as too, seamlessly, transparently for those who choose to implement it, and also depending upon your choice of client as a user.

Outreach to the Gopher community, and embracing this lineage that Gemini has with Gopher, is important, and while on the surface it may not appear as if this is essential to adoption of Gemini by "the average user", I believe it is, because the "average user should be aware that with many clients such as #Lagrange and Elpher, among others, they essentially share the same similar support in the name space as relevant and viable services which "the average user" can visit - perhaps not even aware that clicking on a couple of links has brought them from Gopher space to Gemini space and back again.

I'll leave that point to be pondered, and move along...

3.) We can make Gemini attractive to "#the_average_user" by encouraging the developers of Gopher clients to include support for Gemini in their most excellent and existing products. Gopher clients like:

* #Dooble: https://github.com/textbrowser/dooble/releases/tag/2021.02.20 - a native Gopher enabled browser which is also a good HTML browser in its own right.

* #Gopher_Browser_for_Windows: http://www.mattowen.co.uk/gopher/gopher-client-browser-for-windows

* #Simple_Gopher_Client: Available in the Windows Store

* #Pocket_Gopher (Android): Available at F-Droid (https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.gmail.afonsotrepa.pocketgopher/) and similarly, encouraging support for Gopher in Android Gemini clients such as #Ariane (https://f-droid.org/en/packages/oppen.gemini.ariane/)

And several other great Gopher clients.

4.) We can make Gemini attractive to "the average user" by encouraging *some* authors of #Gemini clients to include support for inline images - this will prove to be, without a doubt, a **dealbreaker** for many folks - these "average users" want, and indeed *expect* to see at least simple .jpg and .png pics while surfing, without requiring the use and understanding of how to launch external apps that, of course, are better suited to handle such tasks. Launching a .pdf viewer is one thing, but they really expect to be able to see inline images (and nothing in the spec even discourages that with respect to Gemini clients).

5.) Now this is controversial, and I do understand it is my own contention, one which I've advocated for on the Gopher list for well over a decade now, but...

Block HTML to Gemini proxy services (even though robots.txt is clearly defined in the spec, I'm not aware of ANY proxy services that respect it - I've checked) - if you want people to populate a space, make them participate in that space, instead of looking into the fishbowl from the convenience of Google Chrome! nuff said there - you make up your own mind how you feel about allowing a proxy, but I block them, categorically. You want Gopher and Gemini content and software that can only be found on my servers, then you need to use an actual client that can natively surf that portion of the name space.

To further incentivize the adoption of clients that natively access Gemini name space, make sure to publish unique content - duplicating what one has already published, or will soon publish on some arbitrary #WordPress site defeats the purpose of even expecting that "the average user" should do anything different than they already are.

7.) Nothing.... nothing at all. Don't do anything else, except talk about how kewl
it is for you and your friends and colleagues; just letting the curiosity of those who keep hearing how totally bitchen Gemini is do all the work until they say, "man, I gotta check this foshizzles out coz everybody's doin' it."

That's how #Myspace did it, that's now #Faceplant did it, that's how #SnapTrap and #TicTac did it, and that's how #InstaSPAM did it - It's the, "All my friends are there" factor of gaining #critical_mass.

8.) Use Gemini yourself - the proverbial, plural youze :)

9.) This one's a bit controversial too: [Continue to] Post links (without explanation) to content you've published in Gemini space on popular social media platforms in the privacy disrespecting, closed source, monolithic silos where the multitudes of captive users are currently engaged in the self-deprecating acts of the abdication of their freedoms.

10.) Disregarding the relevance of registering #port_1965 with #IANA or seeking fame by authoring an #RFC (and most certainly, at least for the next year or two) - those are almost completely irrelevant issues in this day and age when critical mass is everything, and mere folly for the sake of one's own vanity (at least, for the current time being). I left that as the last point because it encourages not the act of doing something to further the aims of the mass adoption of Gemini as a relevant and utilized computing platform, but rather, NOT doing something to avoid the disruption of what can only be stated as the unexpected and overwhelming embrace by a growing community of early adopters.

And already, that's how Gemini is achieving that already enjoyed level of rapid adoption :)

Yeah, just let nature takes its course, so to speak.

I hope that helps!


#tallship #Vger #1965 #fdroid
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#Wake_the_fuck_up people!!!

All hail the great #Faceplant :P

I would love to hear what happens to anyone who dares to repost those graphics to their Faceplant or #InstaSPAM pages Muahahaha!

If you do, let us know, m'kay?


There's plenty of viable de-centralized social and communications platforms (secure too) that shield you from such instrusive raping of your most private secrets, and even what you publicly expound.

#Epicyon, #Pleroma, #Friendica, #Lemmy, #Misskey, #Diaspora, #movim, #matrix, #XMPP, #GNU_Social #Writefreely #jujeune #planetary (#scuttlebutt), and even using your own email services in defiance of what the great Spamming Google gmail engine virtually demands that you not do; are all very viable and privacy respecting opportunities to meet and make new friends, acquaintances, and forge business relationships with others who you'll know are already concerned with privacy respecting communications technologies.

I'll just let that, and the previous advertisements that exposed the private information about people using InstaSPAM and Faceplant users speak for itself.

Kudo's to #Moxie_Marlinspike - You go girl :)

#tallship #Vger #privacy #security #tracking #you_are_the_product

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I mean, even the term, "Cohorts"... don't you think that sounds kinda ominous?

A friend sent me this **All in One** cheat sheet link, and I encourage everyone to incorporate it and avail themselves of it:


Already, #Vivaldi said recently this is a no-go for their browser - keep an eye on your preferred #browser to see how respecting of your privacy they are.

#tallship #Vger #security #privacy #advertising #spyware #tracking #evil

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Okay I got my notification yesterday from #Debian and #Slackware, and I bit my tongue for a day on this one, because it is potentially so catastrophic. I migrated all of my Exim servers to Postfix and good ole Sendmail quite a few years back.

Now that the news itself is in the wild I'll link to an article:


#tallship #Vger #security #vul #MTA #exim @OpenSource

Please patch your boxes yesterday, if not sooner, and make sure you subscribe to ALL security lists for the software you run, m'kay?

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@dheadshot @eric @OpenSource

Yes, and let's not forget Microsoft who, last time I checked (going out on a limb here) got about $6 for every single Android sold - due to their Patent trolling.

A humorous aside, "/e/", aside from being a pain in the ass to search on as a term, if you ask a Ham Radio operator, will tell you that it can be correctly pronounced:

"Marky Mark" :P
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"Let's Crack the Cops!" - is that really what #Moxie_Marlinspike is advocating, or at the very least, implying that devs should consider when it comes to these *Apple pwn3rs?*

I sense there was a need for plausible deniability there in delivering that passive message, due to the #Cellebrite having "Fallen off" a proverbial truck lolz....

Oh you can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

Fell off the truck, Oh that's rich!


#tallship #Vger #iPhone #vul #counterinsurgency

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For consideration by the privacy conscious folks out there, tired off being raped wholesale by the Google silos...

Before I begin this little phone rant, haber you read the great news about #Vivaldi categorically rejecting Google's latest insidious advertising scheme? I wonder if #Firefox will need able to resist? They get a lot of their dev money from Google y'know 🤘😎🤘

Okay then... What are some kewl choices that help protect your privacy where phones are concerned?

There's https://puri.sm/products/librem-5/ it's got physical switches to turn off the cellular radio and can even be completely removed and replaced (for a different IMSI - not to be confused with #IMEI which is tied to the SIM).

The battery is removable as well - w00t !! So not even the NSA can turn your phone on remotely lolz, and it will accept a whopper 2TB Micro-SD.

Do you ever lie awake in bed at night wondering why you can't get a phone with a removable battery?

I don't either anymore!

There are other physical kill switches that can turn off GPS, Wifi radio, and the mic/camera.

Imagine that though... Changing out your #IMSI in less than a minute without changing your OS or three configs for your installed applications! That's the one thing you can NEVER change on any other phone - meaning, there's no such thing as a #burner_phone (meaning, swapping out SIM cards is pointless) and anyone who thinks so.... OkayI'll be nice (I'm practicing being family friendly.... at least part of the time). But now there is a true burner phone, you quite literally can swap that puppy out Easy Peasy!

There's also the Pine Phone:

The #Pine_Phone is privacy respecting in the sense that it isn't actually an Android by any measure at all, but rather, a handheld Linux computer (pick your distro, I prefer #Slackware or #Debian). It can also function as a phone secondarily. I use a small #Bluetooth keyboard that can switch between three devices, and that would be a really handy setup for this er... phone, right? ;) Or you can use a full sized wireless combo keyboard/mouse and monitor for a #Linux box that fits in your pocket when you walk away from your desk.

Do you need it to do something really special? Tell me, what can't you do with a real Linux machine? Okay, you can't chop 🪓 🪵 wood or do laundry.

Really though, how kewl is that???

Neither are the best of any world though, but they are best in breed IMNSHO.

Let's look at pure #Android solutions now, k?

For #ROMs I prefer #CalixOS:

A de-googled #Pixel 3 XL with 128GBytes of storage is a pretty good and inexpensive platform for this which your can pick up all over #eBay for really cheap

It uses the #Aurora repo/store for closed source proprietary software (so you're de-googled) and of course you use F-Droid to install #FOSS or get the #APKs directly from the devs at their #Git repos (best way for some software, like #Fair_Email, for example).

There's also #GrapheneOS (https://grapheneos.org/), and it has a lot of supporters, but I don't find it as performant as CalixOS. Both are, however, fantastic.

Here's a tidbit about the so-called #MiFi pucks that you're entitled to when you're a member of the #Calix Institute... You're listed as Calyx Institute to the broadband provider - only you and the #Calyx_Institute know your identity because it's on their bill lolz, and that's kept secret and has never been compromised, because they maintain an active warrant canary. 🐦 So if you use one of those and a #Librem_5 with the cellular radio turned off or removed, and using your own #Asterisk server for #VoIP, you're truly just an IP addy surfing the internet while you're talking on the phone.

Of course... You'll need to do all this without your Candy 🍬 Crush. But... There's always APKPure in conjunction with #NetGuard from F-Droid 😉

I hope that helps! Please feel free to share this around with a #boost to raise awareness that, well... All is not lost, and #damn_the_torpedos!

And remember, you can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

#tallship #Vger #OpenSource @OpenSource @eric

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Aside from not being aware of what "vfv" refers to, I concur wholeheartedly.

I basically believe that anyone worth interfacing with will reside in a place where it's safe (not a great choice of a word, but for lack of a better term it will suffice) for me to interact online.

I also believe that abandonment of non-privacy respecting monolithic silos as a practice, while at the same time participating and publishing in an environment that is primarily #FOSS based, and privacy respecting. For social systems a distributed model that federates with other independently operated instances, I see it as a critical mass building event - When others see that they're missing out and want to belong somewhere (the reason they stay at #FacePlant, #Twatter, and #InstaSPAM in the first place), they will come.

In the meantime, I've got plenty of friends, associates and colleagues to keep me occupied so I know I'm not missing out on anything - **ESPECIALLY** because I existed online back when the only connection methods were through the use of 300 BAUD acoustic couplers. So anything more advanced than that and a Z80 or 8080 on an S-100 Bus is a total win for me lolz :)

Not to imply that we need to trick people, but getting back to that whole Zoom bullshit, If I'm going to have a video meeting conference, what I do is tell people and either send the invite from my NexCloud calendar or via direct email. I tell them, "Hey at such and such time we're doing a video conference and here's the link :)"

"Oh! We're doing a Zoom call? Cool!"

I say nothing. Let them think whatev...

They don't know the difference from one URL to another anyway, and then when they land, they invariably say, "Wow this is really neat, where did you come across this?" As if it's something novel lolz.

BBB and Jitsi have a zero learning curve onboarding, the average, naïve user simply needs to click the link and then following the event they now have that in their vocabulary.

#tallship #Vger

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@0 @gdroid

You're very welcome!

And K9 mail is great stuff too.

One thing I would urge you to pay attention to, without going into a whole dissertation, is that with Fair Email, there are basically three versions.

1.) Google Play store - some features may not be present due to Google's rules, plus the whole signing issue I've ranted on over the last couple of days where they can alter your code and redistribute it (ATM, only *new* apps, but later, everyone's)

2.) F-Droid - The dev considers the F-Droid version current if it is the current version at his GitHub repo. There's a couple of particulars to this.

a.) They sign the compiles with their key so some parts are excluded (Google parts for autoconfig, etc., coz Google only allows one key, that of the dev's, to be used in a version that includes their stuff)

b.) Many devs create an F-Droid compatible repo so you can enable that repo and use the dev's compiled version via your F-Droid client for updates, etc. to use those versions, you must first uninstall whichever version you have installed and then install the Dev's F-Droid compatible repo, and pull down from the top of the screen for refreshes, etc., like with any other app.

3.) Most FOSS projects have a Git repo where you can get the APKs directly and install them from their official releases signed with their keys. But Fair Email is different, in that most projects you have to manually install newer versions (Why most devs use an F-Droid repo of their own) - Fair Email's apk checks the dev's GitHub repo for updates and the app can actually update regularly whenever there is a new release directly from the GitHub repo - that's pretty kewl.

Also, remember that the Google features which are crippled/absent/disabled in many of the official F-Droid apps? This version is signed with the dev's creds so all of the Google features are enabled (Like autoconfig of gmail aliases, etc.).... But there's more.

Aspects of the client that aren't permitted to be included in the Google Play Store version can also be included in the GitHub version because not only is it signed with his creds, but also, it's not being distributed from the Google Play Store so like, with other apps where say, OAUTH stuff is taken out, or whatev, such is not the case with this one - i.e., it has everyting, is the most current, automatically checks for updates and installs them if you wish, etc., etc., etc.

So I recommend, at least with this application, installing directly from:


The latest version, "FairEmail-v1.1554-github-release.apk" a/o the time I'm posting this, was released just 10 hours ago - that coffee's still fresh and hot lolz.

The dev states that the only thing enabled in his version that isn't included in the Play Store version is Android Auto integration....

I dunno about reading email while driving though, that doesn't sound to safe lol.

And I was also under the understanding that the OAuth support for gmail was missing because it wasn't signed with the dev's keys, but perhaps I'm mistaken there?

There is a couple of major things to note, however:

First, uid/pwd access is going away in gmail soon (for GSuite/Google Apps for Business/whatev you wanna call it) - so one must use OAuth to authenticate with their gmail accounts (Like I said, I could swear the F-Droid version *couldn't* have this because they sign with their keys, not the dev's himself)

Second, I strongly recommend that people, in almost all use cases, DO NOT enable Google's "Advanced Protection Program":


If you do, not only can you not run third party email apps (this is not just a gmail thing, mind you), there are many applications you won't be able to install and run - it is far reaching with sweeping ramifications.

Anyway, I run the GitHub version and yes, it's an absolute dream!

The home page on the web with lots of kewl screenies and links to many of the resources is here:


So my post turned out to be a virtual dissertation anyway. Oh well ;)

@OpenSource #FairEmail #FOSS #OpenSource #tallship #Vger

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Well shit howdie!

Reports are starting to trickle in now about how this has actually been in the wild for a while and now folks are experiencing active exploits and being #pwn3d.... Not good, even for a shitty software platform that NO ONE should be using in the first place - What are you thinking?

Le's see... um.... #NextCloud_Talk, #Matrix, #XMPP, #Big_Blue_Button, #Jitsi - there's no shortage of #self_hosted #secure #FOSS solutions so, bottom line:

If you EVER use Zoom, you're a fucking idiot!

#Zoom no can haz #Cheezburgerz 🍔

#tallship #Vger #zoom #rce #vul #exploit

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Yeah, it's like that. Please boost :)

Get ready motherfuckers, if you thought it was a travesty when Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay, was #blackmailed by china into actively participating and assisting that insidious #dystopian regime in sending well over a million Falun Gong to industrial #rape_farms, torture centers, #concentration_camps eventually resulting in the #organ_harvesting of over 65000 living, and otherwise healthy victims of that #genocidal crusade....

Then just wait till you get a load of what Google is doing right now lolz.

What was #Meg_Whitman blackmailed with? Not much, merely the income she enjoyed and faced losing if the Chinese government expelled eBay from #China.

How was Meg Whitman complicit in the #rape, #torture, organ harvesting from healthy individuals and #murder of these million plus innocent people? Simple...

Turn over access to all supposedly secure Skype communications in China.

Easy Peasy! Sell out the Privacy of your customers. They'll be systematically raped, tortured, #sexually_defiled, murdered, and even #dissected while they're still alive!

But eBay gets to remain in China, a multi billion dollar market. Hooray 👏

It sounds simple enough to me. Right? Fuck those people! Let's make fricken' money money money Muahahaha! 👹

Meg Whitman also ran for Governor of California, but lost in that election to the Governator... Thank goodness.

So what does any of that have to do with the link below? Same fucking thing. Read it bitch. Figure it out, it ain't rocket science.

Oh, "How can you post such a thing?", You ask. Simple. This is the Fediverse, this is my ActivityPub server, and by virtue of that I cannot be deplatformed by Antifa Nazi's, BLM Bolsheviks, The #CCP, Neo-Soviets, Neo-conservatives, televangelists, #Twatter, #Faceplant, #Amazon, #InstaSPAM, or any myriad other special interest groups who find what I say to bed unpopular. It's my infrastructure, it's offshore, and aside from mirrored and multiplied, it's in countries not part of Echelon or subject to 14 Eyes jurisdiction.

My question to you, in response, is: why are you still using #Whatsfap and Faceplant and Twatter or any other Privacy disrespecting #monolithic_silos?

If you're out there drinking the bolshevik kool-aid, or were otherwise unaware of the crimes against humanity that I just edjumacated you on, then just ask and I'll post a shitload of information for you to follow up on that hasn't been completely buried or removed by the powers that be.

Because it's not #fake_news, it was already scrubbed from most of the monolithic silos and platforms mentioned above, but I'll source you out a bunch of original coverage of those previous crimes including AP newswire, BBC, etc., If I get enough requests to motivate me...

I expect however, that most of you are simply authentically apathetic and focusing primarily where others have decided you should be, in order to keep you distracted from the real and imminent threats you continue to ignore.

Please do read the letter at the link below anyway though, and at the risk of sounding too cliche' by quoting a sci-fi movie: "Be afraid. Be very afraid".

You no can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔
#tallship #Vger #falon_gong #uygurs #genocide #gooogle #be_evil


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