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We are entering the final phase of our journey.

🌿ELEMENTS: Earth is open for submissions until September 2nd! 🍃

Come join 18 Creators of Color in the next all-ages installment of the Eisner & Ignatz award winning Best Anthology series that understands that just as much as !

Looking for a partner check out the tag here or on Twitter or Tumblr!

We support

Live your best life, retire early like Ronaldinho Gaúcho ^_-

I see this is where all of my real friends have moved xD

Stayed up for the Resident Evil 7 run and I was not disappointed at all.

I like my speed runs smoooooooooth and fluff ^_-

When you know you should be asleep. But you can't. And you're bored just looking at nothing on the internet and could be sleeping instead.

New fantasy class:


Disenchanted living armor with the purpose of destroying everything you've ever wished for.

2018 plans: Getting commissions of my Déjà Brew boys, Tobias & Maddox and loving them even more! 💖

Ended Christmas with making Raevi, my new half-orc character in the Sims 4. I'm definitely excited for this big little librarian.

Raevi is for a Pathfinder game I'm playing with some cool folx. They're not only a librarian, but they're also a Magus, which comes from the new Spheres of Might. Which for me is the best of both worlds Wizard x Monk = AMAZING~

Gotta finish their backstory and other comics projects!

My biggest pet peeve about subtitles are when they are just subtitles from the dub and not of the actual language. Like come on. Lines added the characters don't say at all, or sudden accents the characters don't have like a southern drawl Y'ALL!

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Don't you just hate being ghosted.

I know I certainly do!

I don't know what my life is right now, but it's crazy amazing and I can't wait to share everything with everyone about what I'm doing and what I'm hoping to build.

Finished the Book Map for BMUTIP for Ria and now to move on to business emails -___-

I had the dopest time at CALA. Until next year, that's definitely a show I will love going to forever and ever :)

Working on a short comic based on a dream. Like you do. And now to work where I get to watch TV which is still blowing my mind ^_-

Just catching up on the MAMA HK and JP awards, you know, like you do. *SCREAMS INTO THE VOID AT HYUKOH'S PERFORMANCE*

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