One of the comic tropes that bugs me most is the backroname. You know... like Harley Quinn is lampshaded as "Harleen Quinzel" for a real name. Right, Julian Day? Edward Nygma?

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I deleted Jubilation Lee as that's actually a plausible name.

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@tankgrrl Aptronyms aren't that weird. Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet. Usain Bolt is fast as a lightning bolt. Historically, all names were related to what you did, so why not reuse that in comics?

I dunno why Bruce Wayne's name isn't bat-related, instead he's "Scots Nobleman Wheelmaker".

@mdhughes I'll give you the Bolt, that one's spot on. But 'crapper' the vernacular is named for Crapper the man.
As for The Bat, I'm as surprised as you are that they didn't go with Bruce Bakke.

@tankgrrl Nope, "crap" is old English, predates the man by 500+ years.

@tankgrrl I know that when *I* become a supervillain, I am going to invent my supervillain name by making the tiniest possible modification to the name I was given at birth.

@tankgrrl as always there is a relevant <strikethrough>xkcd</strikethrough> dinosaur comic:

@lukesci hehe Saw something similar (cartoon... video?) where Batman 'cracks the code' and breaks in to some innocent guy's house. I think the guy's name was 'Joe Kerr' or the like.

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