Some of you older kids will recognize these socket shapes. Soldering up a TerribleFire TF530. I'm done except... I forgot to order the oscillator and don't have 1 SMD cap value.

Don't judge, but that giant Santa Claus-sized sack is just t-shirts and only the ones that are currently dirty.

I put little whiteboards outside each group's room door. The nerdy art that has resulted has totally justified this decision.

At a time when people thought that only Atari or Activision had the ability to create 2600 games, Garry Kitchen proved them wrong.

I can't think of a clever caption.
Making a Terrible fire 530 or two.

I don't need this by any means, but this is cool as shit. The art is perfect.

OK. LCD insert dimensions fixed. No idea how I #$%^&* it up originally. It's a background prop from that movie. You know the one. #2049

TSA bans Star Wars Coke bottles because they kinda look like a grenade. Literal quote from TSA guy: “It could create concern that it’s the real thing.”

My Hakko is at work and my Weller is in a box somewhere... *sob* I had to *sob* use a regular *sob* soldering iron! *sob* Like some kind of animal!

fuck me. Look at this design!
Data General AVIION AV/300D (pic from eBay). Dual 88200s and an 88100. The layout! Just look at it!

Amigananigans aside, I'm now on to setting up Supermodel to run Star Wars Arcade Trilogy (best cabinet game ever full stop) in emu... and... done. Holy shit has this come a long way since last time I tried it.

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