"Evil has nothing stopping it doing what it wants. While Good has one hand tied behind its back." Farder Coram

@cr1901 Hey, yeah. Sorry you've been ill, hope you're doing better. I do recall and I meant to write back and... promptly forgot. Turned out I only had the one unit after all. I blame my aged brain cells. :/

Deckard gets called back in next month and meets Rachel on November 19th.

eBay seems to think that I have a 1985 Pontiac Fiero for some reason.

Sudden hankering to re-watch House of the Devil and The Innkeepers.

Every last one of the genesis cartridge PCBs I just had made are fucked. Goddammit. And it's all my fault. I somehow modified the ground plane w/out noticing and... shorted a ton of pins. $ in the trash.

Same old 'crypto wars' arguments from the '90s resurfacing again and again. Nothing new here but the names on the memos. Rights are inherently designed to make police work harder. Not easier. gizmodo.com/ag-bill-barr-is-re via @gizmodo

Some of you older kids will recognize these socket shapes. Soldering up a TerribleFire TF530. I'm done except... I forgot to order the oscillator and don't have 1 SMD cap value.

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