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I put little whiteboards outside each group's room door. The nerdy art that has resulted has totally justified this decision.

At a time when people thought that only Atari or Activision had the ability to create 2600 games, Garry Kitchen proved them wrong.

I can't think of a clever caption.
Making a Terrible fire 530 or two.

Hi. Just me, biding my time until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out.

I don't need this by any means, but this is cool as shit. The art is perfect.

One too many times, I fell over you
Once in a shadow i finally grew
And once in a night, I dreamed you were there
I canceled my flight from going nowhere

For the nth time

The existence of a "Cardinals" baseball team implies the existence of an "Ordinals" baseball team

My 2049 Esper prop has gone off the rails model-wise. It's 20% too small, for one thing, I forgot to account for the battery, and... I don't care at this point. I'll make it work...

Moscow mayor’s office says almost 700 vehicles taking part in this year’s not weird Parade of City Services Vehicles.

PS - that last tweet was not just a swipe at Apple. It's not just Apple doing it.

Can we just stop calling everything 'pro' now and get ahead of the future embarrassment?

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