Replace every article about Elon Musk with an article about someone fixing/maintaining important infrastructure. A person repairing buses. A person repairing and tweaking wheelchairs. A person tending to a community garden.

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Replace every breathless take about the sentience of some "AI" with a report on how a community organized to solve their current need and how to support those kinds of processes.

Replace the narratives of tech-could-do-ism with narratives of how to act today. How to fix today.

Because we all deserve a good world now. Not if we can pay for a new tech gadget in 5 years.

@kaffeeringe @tante whom would you be petitioning? do it and discuss it is what i propose

@tante no one would care. if you haven't noticed everything is about keeping the power

@tante or with anything else you want. Anything at all.

@tante I would pay for this. Please won’t somebody build a great filter I can configure across all my devices.

@jcf @tante Gotta use some kind of Pi-Hole VPN combo for that in the future. Google wants to close down the "Web Request" feature soon. They say it's for security, but trustworthy adblockers also use exactly that. Chromium browser plugins who try to manipulate content will become disfunctional.
As of now only Mozilla Firefox announced their refusal to include this. Any other browser except Safari is based on Googles Chromium.

@Natanox @tante unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a solution to this problem because it would require multimedia cognition. I want to filter everything from posts on LinkedIn to conversations in Podcasts.

Maybe I should build something. 😄

@Natanox @tante it’s an estimation problem so reinforcement learning is probably a good choice. I’m just not sure how to deliver either short of sticking a filter over all the screens around me. Maybe a pair of glasses I slap on my face.

@jcf @tante Unless you're usually in an environment full of devices and displays you have no control of it's probably easier to just manipulate any output of your personal devices. The few things getting through on f.e. public places should be ignorable, don't you think?

@Natanox @tante it depends on the content and your appetite/mental fortitude.

I tend to wear noise cancelling headphones on public transport rather than trying to tune out noisy people.

I think you’re right about cutting out the proverbial. I’ve purged a bunch of social junk, run various adblockers, and pay for content to control what I spend my time on.

@jcf @tante somebody make this idea into an RSS stream to have in my newsreader, saying after each message "this nice hopeful story just prevented you from reading about xyz again".

@tante The person working the register at the supermarket.

@tante that’s the problem with capitalism driving content. When an article about an American Oligarch gets a million hits and that translates into $$ in the publisher’s pocket, they are gonna write more fawning praise about American Oligarchs and not useful articles about people and things that actually matter.

@deinol @tante That's why I'm pretty happy about the german public press & television. We got media that's funded through public fees, who do not have to worry about the amount of clicks or ad revenue but who're also not under direct government control with actual laws to prevent exactly that. And you can tell they're way higher quality than the private media. They also cover "small things".

Not that they're without problems, but compared to other countries I'm very happy to have them.

@Natanox @tante it would be great to live in a civilized nation. 😅

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