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Evil is perpetuating misery for profit.

‪Anyway, the moral of the story is: avoid huffing lead paint and licking DDT-laced wallpaper.‬

‪Maybe DDT and lead exposure cause a loss of self-control, combined with a lack of concern for the well-being of others?‬

‪Maybe spraying Americans with chemicals and biological agents against their will is the CIA’s way of getting back at negligent parents?‬


I call this, the "like" throttle. Happens for RTs too. Have also seen Twitter unliking like'd tweets.


Looks like @ln_zap has something cooking. Sounds exciting!

"Have you ever imagined being able to shop with $BTC & $LTC through @lightning in over 28% of all online stores?


Haha, this is... interesting. Thank you for sharing. Not calling it bullshit, just some more shit to add to the 'WTF is real anymore' file.

Everyone is a genius at something, and quite often, whatever it is, isn't taught in school.

‪If you must sell cryptocurrency for fiat, sell as little as possible.‬

‪Those who sell crypto for fiat are called None Believers.‬

‪Those who believe in crypto over corruption are called HODLers.‬

‪Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a magical land where concepts like “debt” do not exist.‬

‪Bitcoin’s no-leader is better than America’s fake-leader.‬


Not often you see journalists working on the same story for 16 years because others are too cowardly to thank them for taking the risk.


What are u going to do when your captain's been kidnapped and replaced by a replica?

💩ing your diapers, that's what


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan told Howard Stern that he's “witnessed a shapeshifting humanoid”in the flesh


It looks like a concentration camp for animals. They looked like they are the final solution still happening today. Scary...


The food industry is hiding something. But it's no match for our drones.