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Evil is perpetuating misery for profit.

‪Number of tweets written and deleted due to excessive cursing: 936118, 936119, 936120…‬

People are still tweeting about how you should have voted for a different flavor of poo. Poo with sprinkles on top. smh.


As someone who worked with Morgan and respected / promoted his technical work, this was difficult for me to read. All the more reason it needs to shared.

Kudos to the brave women who came forward.


In chatlogs, celebrated hacker and activist confesses countless sexual assaults

‪In a corporatocracy, corporate censorship is government censorship.‬

Just a coincidence? 😏

Can't even prevent his tweet count from being evil.

Good old @ericschmidt, "longtime friend" for @HillaryClinton. At least we can agree about his inability to distinguish fake news from real news.

‪Are there any lawyers following me who can comment?‬

*beep*… *beep*… *beep* *beep* *beep*

"Doctor, I don't think he's going to make it!"


OK, now that a few more days have gone by I'll say this:

- As said before: I've always been against non-govt backed fiat pegs (i.e. $USDT)
- Cancer is damaging, community must fight it or become it
- $BTC value can be influenced by stupidity, but isn't derived from it


Also, forgot the most obvious cause for alarm: if "most would", then that implies they know exactly where to go to get child prostitutes. Why then, would they give them over to a pedophile instead of doing the obvious thing: arresting the human traffickers?


My FB account is now unblocked from posting. Streisand effect works, everyone. I just wonder about the 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users who don't have a large audience to help kick up a major fuss about it.

I'm staying out of the @Bitfinexed / thing. It stinks, yes, but too much early speculation as well. When little info is available misinfo tends to fill in the void, and I don't wish to be party to its spread.