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Evil is perpetuating misery for profit.

@Gargron That just means you don't really understand blockchains.

I don't think timestamps are really necessary in PoW. Can anyone prove me wrong on that?

We live in a civilization where pizza arrives to your house faster than the police

Discussing β€œRussians” at all is a symptom of the pre-existing weaponization of American stupidity.

However, I do find the implication behind that sentiment annoying (that American stupidity isn’t otherwise weaponized. It is. And that is the more pressing concern, which has zilch to do with β€œRussians”).

QOTD: β€œthey basically weaponized American stupidity”

And YouTube perfectly recommended Crazy Frog as a followup (>1 billion views!)


THANK YOU!!11 r/NoStupidQuestions !!


What’s the song that goes, β€œdee dah dee dah doh doh, dee dah dee dah doh!” ?