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‪I recommend being a luddite for the next 3 years or so. Computers are really bad right now. Well, they’ve been really bad for a while, but we didn’t realize the magnitude of the badness, and now that the cat’s out of the bag…‬

‪Ironically this is easier to do for non-technical users than technical users (who need laptops).‬

‪If you’re already a non-nerd, avoiding desktop and laptop computers for anything important is a good idea.‬

‪Tech people don’t have that luxury.‬

‪Tech users, meanwhile, should work hard at becoming more paranoid and reducing attack surfaces as much as possible.‬

Greg Slepak 🐢 @taoeffect

‪If you’re a developer and you don’t know , it’s time you learned.‬

‪Programming without is like drinking and driving, it’s hugely irresponsible.‬

If you're developing a super-human intelligent , please consider postponing your work for a bit to help improve the state of instead.

Unleashing such a creation onto the Internet right now would likely lead to problems that are best left for Hollywood movie scripts.

@taoeffect a super-human intelligent AI would probably get the big red buttons pressed just to rid the world of the two people most likely to press those buttons

@taoeffect (to be fair, i'd probably watch that movie)

The number of "Jesus Christ"'s-per-second puts somewhere in DEFCON 1 range.

On the upside, there's never been a better time for startups to bring microprocessor manufacturing jobs back home.