This is my favorite hive mind in quite some time. It's an honor and a pleasure to be here among all this fine company.

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@datawench "Train to Busan" - it's available on Netflix. You will love it.

This is part of a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. A skeleton, probably the remains of a luckless adventurer, lies here.
Beside the skeleton is a rusty knife.
The deceased adventurer's useless lantern is here.
There is a skeleton key here.
An old leather bag, bulging with coins, is here.

So great to be home. Today is catch up on laundry and play Dark Souls 3 day. Honestly I've got some code I'd love to be writing but I'm forcing myself to put down code and work for a day. *gets the shakes*

will miss my NYC friends but glad to be going home.

went back to the other place this morning and thought I was on LinkedIn for a moment. bird place is totally colonized.. getting out of it at least helped me get the perspective to reorient on just how bad it is.

in the physical office for the week. watching the interactions of fellow humans in meatspace is always both fascinating and exhausting for me. I usually have a crash by Thursday so if I get really dark in a few days I'll come out of it as soon as I get some space this weekend.

Oh there's an thread? I'm an open source software developer, I work on various ZeroMQ projects and the rsyslog logging daemon for *nix. For day job I work for a cloud computing company (no, not THAT one) creating distributed systems for metrics and log analysis. Outside of that, I love science fiction, rpgs, comics, and independent hip-hop. I'm also old enough to not care that I'm a stereotype. I have used a 300 baud modem.

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The most important thing mastodon users need to realize is that you don't need to be on to be part of the network. Mastodon is just one server in the larger federation.
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Reminder that if you make private posts, set your account to private / "require your permission for people to follow you" or else just anyone with an account can follow you to see your private posts

Today's agenda: hack on a new ZeroMQ project, do a bunch of housework and get ready to head up to NYC tomorrow.

Time for sleep which these days usually means dark beautiful strange dreams. Great seeing you all here.

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