No work for 4 days. Sounds like a lot of coding to me! And maybe a few beers.

It's super difficult to comprehend how we're able to take a picture of a black hole from 55-lightyears away! I mean, one lightyear is 9 460 528 400 kilometers. That's insane.

Gotta love science.

Oh yeah, had a great time coding for few hours today. Been a while! Took few steps forward for sure.

But then, to release a program to the general public, it should have a UI.

I notice that I have a lot more fun writing command-line programs than with an UI. Maybe because I haven't learned about building UI's even though I have eye for that stuff.

Finally got back to coding yesterday. Been so busy with other stuff that haven't even had a chance. But I'm glad I finally did! Made some progress with an inventory type program.

Why PayPal doesn't have 2-factor authentication? That works with TOTP? Ridiculous.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of preaching about meditation or mindfullness. I even find it annoying. It's something you need to find and experience yourself. Look into Wim Hof breathing, it's trippy.

I would love to see people moving from Twitter to Mastodon. It's essentially the same but without ads. Not easy to get people to transition. Someone has to do it first.

Turns out at least one RAM is severely broken, had hundreds of errors in Memtest86 within minutes. Though the other 16GB seems to be fine, no errors after 4 passes, still testing.

I'm hoping it's just a single RAM failing. In the worst case, I have to replace the entire motherboard (and RAM?).

I've never in my life had issues like this. Guess it had to come up at some point.

Tens of thousands of errors in memtest today. Not a fun day. Honestly a bit worried. Will run more individual tests tomorrow.

Well shit. Been experiencing odd issues in Linux, and just ran a memtest that returns thousands of errors. Not fun.

Hope it's JUST a faulty memory stick and nothing else.

I gave KDE a shot but honestly feel it's a bit bloated for my taste. Will probably go with LXDE for now.

When you've had a super stressfull week, all you need is a beer and time to relax.

My best code is not the code where others go "wow, that's complex! however did you manage to write that?"

My best code is where others go "that's obvious, what's the big deal?"

In this way code resembles magic.

These days I watch 90% of YouTube videos with NewPipe, an open source YouTube app for android. It's 10x better than the original app!

You can watch/listen videos in the background and even subscribe to channels and create playlists without having an account.

Highly recommend! It's available via F-Droid.

Been so busy messing around with the computer to get it working 100% that I haven't touched code for a week. Need to get back on track.

Really liking Manjaro KDE. But I realized there's way too many transition effects everywhere, at least for my taste. Will have to disable some.

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