Finally got a new audio interface that works flawlessly out-of-the-box in Linux, Behringer UMC404HD. Thanks @unfa for the recommendation!

I'm really in need of a smart/sports watch to keep track of stuff (heart rate, sleep etc.). Got recommendations?

Any good money management (expense tracker) apps for android? Preferably open source.

Some may call it crazy but it's far from it. It's just a step out of the comfort zone. You don't need food 24/7.

I like to do a 24-hour fast once a month. Just water and coffee. It gives your digestion a well-needed rest. You also start appreciating food much more.

4 hours left. Will end the fast with a workout.

@Tutanota I noticed you can remove credentials. However, a notification upon the first login would be great so there's no surprises.

@Tutanota Apparently in the new Android app it automatically logs you in? There was zero notification about this and I don't know if there's an option to deny it? Great feature but a heads up would have been awesome on the first login.

Couple hour hike, relaxing at the beach, 11 hour sleep. Feeling recharged.

Want to feel like a Superman? Take a cold shower. I dare you. The feeling afterwards is insane.

(Tip: Take a regular shower first and in the end turn it cold for 30 seconds. Just focus on your breath and keep it calm).

Walking in the woods, barefeet like Frodo Baggins.

Sometimes I wonder, why people ask questions on Reddit that can be typed into Google and answer found within seconds?

Sometimes when you code intensively for days, you realize your brain is not functioning well anymore.

Need a break today. Maybe go for a hike and make a campfire next to a lake.

Great thing about using Linux and i3wm? Very few can snoop on your computer because they have no idea how to do anything in it.

The more you write code the more you realize how horrible your old code is.

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