Any reliable open source programs that let you type a keyword and it replaces it with a specific sentence? Basically copy and paste on steroids aka Text Expander.

Quickly found Espanso and BeefText.


In the good old days you would just insert a disc into a gaming console and start playing.

Today, you need to spend hours installing the game and updates before doing anything.

Day off! My plan? Get "The Last of Us Part 2" and chill.

Interestingly enough, I'm finding mixed information. Some sources says the data is overwritten, some says not.

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Does the factory reset in Windows 10 overwrite the data with random bits? Or is it just made available (so not removed in reality) ?

I feel I deserve the job 100% and in this day and age I have to think what's best for me. But still, can't stop feeling bad for a colleague.

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So, I was offered a full-time job I'm stoked about. Me and my colleague both applied but I got it. Now I feel bad for my colleague because he's super down about it.

Have you been in a similar situation?

First time in a pub in maybe 4 months. Been missing the ambience. People chattering, laughing, drinking. I like this.

There's still A LOT of websites that are not optimized for mobile at all. Seriously? Pain in the ass.

Anyone using to pay online purchases? Sort of a virtual card instead of using your real card. Thoughts?

It's funny. My heartrate is well below normal when writing code. I have higher rate when browsing social media etc.

Guess pogramming is relaxing for me.

There's "humans" who can run 240 miles, it's called MOAB 240. Think about that. A regular marathon feels like childs play.

Read the news today and somehow I feel 2020 is getting worse and worse.

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