Do you use Git for local projects?

I haven't and starting to think I should, especially when I start building more "real" projects other than just random 100 line scripts.

@tapaniraja I use Git for every single piece of code I write. It's a habit, and it's always more reliable and flexible than Ctrl+Z, specially if you commit often. It's like tests: I write them no matter what, simply because it's a good thing to have and gives me peace of mind.

@carlesjove Yeah, I think once you start using Git, you always have to use it. Will start today!

@carlesjove Just started using Git. Very cool stuff! Feels like my entire process got better and more straightforward.

@tapaniraja 100 lines is already way beyond the point when you should've moved it under source control! It's not really a hassle after you get used to it. It's just a way to avoid all that *_finalfinal stuff.

@isagalaev Oh for sure! Just getting started using it. I'm sure it's a breeze once it becomes a habit.

@tapaniraja good luck with that! As far as I noticed, Fediverse has a lot of folks around.

@isagalaev Thanks man! Seems like a good place for developers :)

@isagalaev Started using Git and I'm glad I did. Seems like the whole process got more straightforward.

@tapaniraja I do, but I also sync almost everything to my gitea, it double as an easy backup. Why risk anything
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