I've completely replaced Google Maps with the open source alternative OsmAnd (Open Street Maps).

I love that you can download maps for offline viewing and even mark places on the map. I've used it while travelling too.

Highly recommend!

@tapaniraja It's a long time ago since I used OsmAnd but the UI was really horrible. So I switched to Maps ( I lack the space on my device to try OsmAnd again, but maybe you could install both in parallel in order to compare the two & lets us know what you think. #OpenSource #OsmAnd #OpenStreetMaps #GoogleMaps

Osmand is good for navigation if you know the address of your destination, but in my area (Boston) it has a very hard time finding places by name.
This is a dealbraker for me, unfortunately.

@mprv I haven't really tested searching by name. I always use the address. Gotta Google (DuckDuckGo!) the address I guess.

@mprv Though I'm testing now to search with placenames and find most with no effort. And i'm in a place much smaller than Boston.

I don't know what the issue is, then. I keep using it, because of the offline maps of not anything else.
I pair it Transit, which works very well with the public transportation system.

@mprv I guess it depends on the city too. Didn't do thorough testing though but with quick glance it seemed OK. Anything that can compete with Google is great.

I have the opposite problem, I can find some places by name, but it struggles with actual addresses

@WingmanJD @mprv The address lookup isn't perfect. I always find the street but not the exact address such as house numbers. Have to be a bit creative how to search. Not sure exactly why it won't find those, lack of info? Will look a bit into that.

@tapaniraja the osmand navigation has still a lot of room for improvement. The hardest part is to find your location because of the search radius and all other stuff it finds. But yeah osm is really awesome

@tapaniraja while you enjoy #OSM, also consider contributing something back 😃

Personally I'd suggest the app #StreetComplete to get startedd… 😃

@rugk Oh sure! Looking into contributing a bit by providing updates for places in my city.

@tapaniraja what were the pain points in the conversion. Was it a big project?

@tapaniraja I started using it. But couldnt find some locations in India. I started contributing to it.

Other than that has lots of features better than Google Maps.

@maroon Yeah there's still improvements to do in some places, glad you're contributing though. Helps a lot!

@maroon Curious, what was the issue in India? Couldn't find specific streets? Specific locations? Did you look at the overview? Just curious as a fellow user. Some exact locations can't be found but the overview seems very accurate in my town.

@tapaniraja Couldn't find certain popular restaurants in one Metro City in India (happend 2 or 3 times). My own residence society is marked under wrong name (one word of 3 words is wrong, not the entire name). If it was not at all marked its a different issue, but it was marked wrong.

Other than that surprisingly it was useful in Remote areas which are tourist attractions. One hypothesis could be that tourists areas were kept updated and metro cities like I mentioned above had many.. Cont.(1/2)

@tapaniraja... New startups/stores and people in city are too lazy to be privacy conscious and use Google maps alternatives. (2/2)

@maroon Sounds familiar! We just need to update it ourselves. In my town it takes time to update the restaurants because they change quite regularly actually. The places that have been there for years are accurate.

@maroon If you notice something isn't accurate, contribute. I try to do that.

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