Do yourself a favor and keep a log of everything you do and install to your OS. It will make your life sooooo much easier in the future.

@tapaniraja You mean something like `etckeeper` ? Yeah… handy.

@bekopharm A logfile, as in a text/md file where you write what you do to your system (installed programs, settings etc).

@tapaniraja Oh… so a manual and prone to human error `etckeeper`. Got it =) Document you must 👍

@bekopharm Could probably write a tiny bash/python script to automate some of it. Hmmm, will think about that.

By #installing and #configuring I'm also copy past cmds with small descriptions in a #Markdown file or my personal notes app


I've similar snippet files that resolve around topics and not around single machines.

Used to document each step years ago in the companies wiki but it was simply never worth it since nobody used or updated it anyway :-(

That's my experience too. Why write and read the f* #Doku when I can waste my time with beginning from scratch and some extra cycles with try and error.

Sorry for the offtopic, but I am still searching of something good, self-hosted to keep my notes in a easy-to-search system. Something like one note from microsoft office, but self-hosted and with web UI. What are you using?


@JoergSorge Same. I always know what has been done to the system. Much easier to troubleshoot and re-install stuff.

@tapaniraja with #NixOS, your configuration is your documentation and the system is 100% reproducible. you can have all changes in git :)

@davidak That's very interesting, thanks for the link. Though I have no use for another OS just for a purpose like that.

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