Finally got a new audio interface that works flawlessly out-of-the-box in Linux, Behringer UMC404HD. Thanks @unfa for the recommendation!

@tapaniraja If you need help with just tell me. I run a recording studio on Linux

@Upacesky Thank you! Where you go for plugins? Saw Ardour has internally only few.

@x42 plugins are really good
I do use calf plugins too. And LSP. And some commercial ones.
I use ardour's internal filters and compressors extensively.
And many others

@tapaniraja High five! I've got UMC202HD - I wonder hwo the 4-channel one works (I've been considering it at some point, because you can record reasonable drums with it - stereo overheads plus kick and snare spot mics.

@unfa I mostly need one channel but figured to buy the four channel instantly because the price wasn't much different, haha!

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