Hmm, considering moving my code repos to @codeberg I like their mission and values.

Was surprised even is hosted there.


If it is useful for you you'd be welcome to hose on QOTO's gitlab server. All our users get a free ultimte license for open source projects (normally 99$ per month on gitlab per user).


@tapaniraja Gadgetbridge was one of the first projects there. No coincidence btw, members overlap 😃 I'm one of the early birds there, too – similar reasons to yours. @codeberg is a good choic: not just "free beer", but "freedom" 🎉

@IzzyOnDroid No wonder then! How's Codeberg been for you? Reliable? Any issues or features you'd wish?

@tapaniraja very reliable, good support (well, for me I'd even say "premium support" as I happen to know their admin 😄). Can't say I miss a thing. I'm using Gitea myself on one of my machine (local mirror plus local stuff) so I'm "familair" with it toa degree; Codeberg works together well with their team to irk out any quirks that might appear. It's not as heavy as Github/GitLab, but luckily I don't need much CI or the other "overload" those have…

@IzzyOnDroid That's really good to hear! Yeah I don't need the "extra" features either like Github and Gitlab has, just need the basics, haha.

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