Starting to dislike Firefox on Android. It's so slow it's crazy. WTF.


It's ridiculous how much faster Chrome is (even though I dislike Google in general).

@tapaniraja Might be it's faster just because of AMP pages served instead of regular pages. That's one of the Google's tricks. Special page format + their CDN to deliver...

@cybeardjm Don't know why but it takes over 5 seconds to load a page on Firefox for me. That's not cool. Looking for alternatives.

@tapaniraja on mobile, you mean?
you could try Firefox Focus to test if it's the same. don't have the full version of FF on Android

@cybeardjm Yes mobile. Firefox on desktop is fine and I prefer that actually. Will try Focus.

@tapaniraja Yeah, I use FF on desktop, Focus on Android.
Have Chrome on mobile, but don't use it at all. On desktop, use it only for testing or when a site seems to block on FF.

@cybeardjm Did a quick test and Firefox Focus is definitely faster overall.

@cybeardjm For sure. Just lacks bookmarks but will see if I can live without it.

@cybeardjm That's an option but a hassle when you're used to standard bookmarks.

@cybeardjm There's actually a neat autofill function that works essentially as a bookmark.

@tapaniraja I don't browse the web a lot on mobile, as it's very expensive where I live (Benin, West Africa). But remember that calling for same URLs gave them pretty quickly indeed.

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