@fst That's why I like Vimwiki too, I use Vim a lot. The downside is lack of pictures. Not sure if there's any way around that. But no biggie for my use-case.

@estebanm Currently learning more about databases. Making a simple command-line "logger" which allows you to take superquick notes on anything.

@fst I mostly keep a personal journal but my worklife is kinda in there too. I've used Zimwiki in the past but now tried Vimwiki which I like a lot. Will have to transition into that fully I think.

I've tried to write code every day now. Even if it's just a few lines. Much easier to move a project forward when you touch on it every day. I like it.

@groff Definitely. I capture my thoughts but also plan the future, have task lists, goals etc. Super useful.

@groff Same. I love journaling but never really found a system that works for long. Bullet journal method is by far my favorite but need to make it digital, I think.

Everytime I start journaling with pen and paper I notice myself stopping at some point. Wondering if I should go digital. Maybe even write a program that's built for my needs.

@cybeardjm There's actually a neat autofill function that works essentially as a bookmark.

@cybeardjm That's an option but a hassle when you're used to standard bookmarks.

@cybeardjm For sure. Just lacks bookmarks but will see if I can live without it.

@fst Yeah it's ridiculous. Firefox Focus seems much faster overall. Lacks some features (like bookmarks) but will keep using it and see how it feels.

@cybeardjm Did a quick test and Firefox Focus is definitely faster overall.

@cybeardjm Yes mobile. Firefox on desktop is fine and I prefer that actually. Will try Focus.

@cybeardjm Don't know why but it takes over 5 seconds to load a page on Firefox for me. That's not cool. Looking for alternatives.

It's ridiculous how much faster Chrome is (even though I dislike Google in general).

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Ran 10k today. Been a while since I've done that. Felt pretty good but I'll be hurting the next few days... 😭

Starting to dislike Firefox on Android. It's so slow it's crazy. WTF.

Web developers:

If your page is nothing but

<noscript>JavaScript is required.</noscript>
<script src="/app.js"></script>

then you have failed.

I desperately need new podcasts to listen! Suggest something. Self-development, programming, etc.

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