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Yes, to be fair, a lot of my posts here are crossposts from the birdsite.

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If you like what I do or just want to help support me through trying times, there's multiple ways to do that. 

🕯️ Watch over yourselves and your loved ones on this day. Find comfort in their presence. Cherish it. Hold on to love in the midst of fear. Hold on to hope.

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🕯️ May everyone who loves peace be safe today, in this time of tumult.

It is easy to be frightened in the wake of yet another shooting, another white supremacist attack, especially if you are marginalized.

Today I believe that fear is justified.

🎨 *Another* hecking mass shooting in less than 24 hours.

I'm so done. Karima's frontrunning until further notice, I've had it with what the world's come to.

I'm out.

I don't want to see the El Paso shooter's name.

He is a murderer. He is a terrorist. He deserves no publicity, no recognition or fame.

His name is forfeit.

Tonight's regularly unscheduled frivolity and thirst is canceled due to the fact that the world sucks and another white terrorist has killed so many.

It doesn't feel right to have fun today.

Living at the intersection of poverty, trans issues, and physical and mental disabilities is sooooooo exhausting.

Help us move.

Without my meds, I'd be so unable to function in society that I'd be institutionalized - assuming I didn't end up dead by my own hand first.

Depression is real, it can be disabling, and it kills.

Stop with the science denial and quackery.

sexism, gender essentialism 

Women are more than their reproductive capabilities.

People with wombs and ovaries can be more than walking incubators.

And some of us just lack the ability to reproduce at all. We still have worth.

Opinions like these are toxic.

what my "real" name is.

"Uh, no, the one you were born with."

None of your damn business, that's what!

I'm getting a lot done. Did a new install on my desktop's Ubuntu partition, setting everything up, reskinned it into a slick color scheme...

...I'm so hecking manic and my meds do nothing for it 😭

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