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Yes, to be fair, a lot of my posts here are crossposts from the birdsite.

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If you like what I do or just want to help support me through trying times, there's multiple ways to do that. 



When I end up with kids, I won't push any sort of gender on them. Ever.

I want them to tell me what theirs is. Even if that means I have to wait a few years til they can express themself.

"You're a boy." "Okay, I'll quit drinking." "I won't do anything to go back to jail."

"I love you."

My father can fucking rot.

Hello again, dysphoria.

I prepared for you this time around. Got rid of all the sharp objects.

One way to be a good ally is to uplift the voices of those who normally go unheard by those like you.

On today especially, , lift the voices of Black people, especially as they explain what makes today so meaningful.

Lift those voices, don't speak over them.

Made it with plenty of time to spare, full clear.

Time for a little backtracking to get my new job up to speed, then to the Library. BLU/BSK/SUM/???

Time to move, Castle Karnak's gonna blooooow!!!

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 2123 7471 8861!

The bad thing about good mental health days?

Piles of trash and laundry that accumulated during bad mental health days, that you now have the ability and an obligation to deal with.

(Same goes for those with chronic illnesses and other disabilities.)

...Damn, my back hurts. 😭

So that means there's still a lot to do, but at least I'm on some footing to actually do it. Mania and anxiety still need addressed and I still need to get with a primary care doc for my physical issues.

But I'm still here, and stronger than before. Ain't done yet.

(...Which she wouldn't have to do if everything didn't have to be done over the hecking *phone.*)

* I didn't get singled out or mistreated for being trans, and if anything went right, it was ending up in a psych unit that had procedures for someone like me.

* HRT scripts! Though apparently someone can't do math, leaving me with only a 15 day prescription of spironolactone. Will have to address that.
* Got a case worker, which means Songbird doesn't have to be burdened with coordinating all my psych/medical care on her own.

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