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Yes, to be fair, a lot of my posts here are crossposts from the birdsite.

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If you like what I do or just want to help support me through trying times, there's multiple ways to do that. Show more

🎶The best part of waking up...🎶...Is reporting the everloving shit out of a rather infamous t*rf🎶

We finished the body/lighting work on the car. It should pass inspection. -T

Well, we did stream, and the sun DID come up... but it hecking got COLDER. -t/T

nuuuuu thankies, warm bed calls ♨️🛏️♨️ -d

We're considering a short stream while we wait for sunlight and for the temp to go up a couple of degrees. -t/T

18F is just a smidge too nippy to do mechanic work. -T

The cold outside is causing severe flareups of pain and even in here we can barely walk even assisted. No way we get by without the chair.

Two questions.

Why are we still awake? (Okay, that one's rhetorical. We know why. Car repairs. Waiting for sunlight.)

How the hell are we going to fix the car on an icy/snowy sloped driveway in a hecking wheelchair? (Y'all can answer that one.)


Support links:


You can also support us by subscribing through Twitch. Direct Paypal link only available to trusted mutuals.

Various other headmates may tweet as they feel comfortable doing so. Our system numbers over 25 at last count. Listing them all is not feasible in a tweet.

Our component parts, main median system only (thanks @.princessproto for the format):

🎨Tara (-t), she/her <-- host
🔧Ty (-T), they/them
⚔️Sola (-S), they/she/it
🧸demi (-d), she/her
👧girl (-g), it/its

If no emoji or suffix, assume both Tara and Ty are cofronting (-t/T)

As parts, we are a median system overlapping a long list of trauma splits and a separate subsystem of littles that mostly stay in the back. And all of that resides inside a taco.

Most posts are from various co-fronting combinations of the main median system.

Hello, all new followers!

As a whole, we're Taralyn, a female-adjacent AMAB trans enby (she/they). We like to do art and graphic design, and stream video games. We've got a laundry list of disabilities, both physical and mental. We're engaged to, but also polyam.

We feel very fatigued today.

Going to have to go out at some point but not looking forward to it.

Also, we had a new headmate fronting earlier today. Trying to get to know them.

We're still working out how to explain how we work/who's in here. Executive dysfunction isn't helping. -T

Lunch is done.
We're deciding whether to lay back down, or stream something.

Daily reminder that Gl*nn*r and his t*rf hangers-on advocate for child abuse against trans and gender-variant children and teenagers.

Their own words speak for themselves, if you have the stomach to read them.

We're going to figure out how to easily explain how we work, later on.

Til then, this weekend has been a massive emotional drain (and we didn't even get into the call!), and recovery/sleep time is needed. -t/T/S/d/g

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