Hello, all new followers!

As a whole, we're Taralyn, a female-adjacent AMAB trans enby (she/they). We like to do art and graphic design, and stream video games. We've got a laundry list of disabilities, both physical and mental. We're engaged to @HRHStarflare@twitter.com, but also polyam.

As parts, we are a median system overlapping a long list of trauma splits and a separate subsystem of littles that mostly stay in the back. And all of that resides inside a taco.

Most posts are from various co-fronting combinations of the main median system.

Our component parts, main median system only (thanks @.princessproto for the format):

🎨Tara (-t), she/her <-- host
🔧Ty (-T), they/them
⚔️Sola (-S), they/she/it
🧸demi (-d), she/her
👧girl (-g), it/its

If no emoji or suffix, assume both Tara and Ty are cofronting (-t/T)


Various other headmates may tweet as they feel comfortable doing so. Our system numbers over 25 at last count. Listing them all is not feasible in a tweet.

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You can also support us by subscribing through Twitch. Direct Paypal link only available to trusted mutuals.

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