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Gonna make a little bit of a statement today while meeting Songbird's dad, and possibly her brother.

Meanwhile, in Trans Discourse™: ...I so want no part of the drama tonight. There's enough on my plate.

Lots of cats here. One of the kittens is trying to claim @HRHStarflare@twitter.com.

Let's get one going for my last night in Kansas City. You know the drill.

What a hecking disgrace. Could people NOT leave stuff in the disabled parking spots?

Morning or whatever time it is, y'all. Just getting out of bed but figured I'd still be visible for

So, yeah. Nonbinary trans femme, reporting in.

Can't sleep. Might have done this already. Like away and I'll answer til I fall asleep.

26. Favorite Pokemon from the Unova region (Generation 5): It's a tough call, but I have to go with the adorable little candle.

25. Favorite Pokemon from the Sinnoh region (Generation 4): I love the cold. (It doesn't love me anymore, but that's neither here nor there.) I've already shown love for Eevee. So this one should also be obvious.

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