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I am a trans gamer.

After this weekend I actually feel proud to say that.

So I'm thinking I might do a Bowsette cosplay at some point. Probably after the move.

This is when my hair was just bleached. Think I could pull something off?

Because not all of us belong to teams, but still want to connect with and support other trans streamers.

Please make it happen,!

Well, that transmisic asshat that none of us like also appears to be a bit of an ablelist. Not one bit surprised.

I wish he and his cohorts would all just get taken off the internet.

Since it's trending, a new tweet.

I'm disabled and trans. I'm unemployed/unemployable, a streamer, a graphic designer, and an artist. I'm raising money for an orchiectomy. It would help lessen my dysphoria greatly. Please help if you can.

...It's like is talking about me, as far as the intersections of being autistic and trans are concerned. Especially as far as touch sensitivity.

I'm so glad the laser sessions have dramatically lessened my need to shave.


Hopefully he gets another police visit, or Twitter bans him outright.

...I'm not going to hold my breath.

My anxiety is riding very high over all this, seeing this thirtieth-rate dipshit making fun of people who have suffered real fucking trauma in their lives.

He'll never stop, will he?

...Of course not. Bullies like him won't stop. They must BE stopped.

No, Glinner. No, terfs. You don't get to abuse children anymore. You don't get to create people like me who are saddled with so much trauma that we can't function at all as adults.

You don't get to drive trans kids into the grave.

You. Are. Not. Allowed.


I wish something like Mermaids had existed when I was growing up.

I wish transition could have been an option before I hit 21. Even if just socially.

I wish someone would have taken me away from my parents and placed me with a LGBT-affirming family.

No more.

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About the only thing I didn't have to put up with was religious conversion therapy, because my parents were non-religious. (But that didn't stop an endless diet of "but God made you a boy" from my deeply religious grandmother.)

No child should ever have to go through that.

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Fuck your false equivalency, your strawmen, and your gaslighting. Fuck your made-up "rapid onset gender dysphoria" because there is no such thing. There is nothing rapid about it! It's always there, always simmering, and these t*rf-poisoned parents refuse to see it.

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