Hello, haven’t logged in here since August. What’s the best Mastodon app these days?

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Feels so good to no longer be tooting into the void

I chatted with someone for like 2 minutes but wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't see their face.

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I think I have improved at backing into parking spaces.

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Conclusion after less than 24 hours: it’s much easier to drive in the South Bay than in LA. Bigger roads, more left turn lights, fewer people.

Which home monitoring / camera system thing do you all recommend?

Warning, I post about chips sometimes. Anyway, I like these. Good concentration of BBQ flavor.

How many different Instances are you all part of so far?

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I hope we all don't give up on Mastodon in a week. It's nice here. 😄

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Packed up my life in LA, driving up to the Bay Area tomorrow, starting the new job on Monday. It’s been a great summer! 😀

Is this post too earnest?


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