It is apparently considered canon in our house that Link is a girl.

@artfulsodger I use fzf in (neo)vim and bash readline. Love it in action, but it could definitely use some more "beginners guide" documentation.

@bebok Since Resolver, I've become a Dad, and am in the US Midwest right now, so that the kiddo can get to know his grandparents on my wife's side. I've worked an amusing variety of great and awful positions, and am currently at a great team at Canonical.

@bebok What are you up to these days? I hope you're keeping sane & unharmed through COVID, and are doing something uplifting!

I've been reading Dan Luu's posts whenever he posts a new one, but I just realized he has a BUNCH of older ones that I either missed or forgot about, and the guy is solid gold. Highly recommended.

@bebok hi! Of course! Did you not have a name on the account when I looked yesterday, or did I just overlook it somehow? Your name is very distinctive for me, so I would have realized/guessed who you were immediately. 😀

Donald Knuth (of programming education fame) plays the pipe organ, and a couple times he's played at the Archive, and people walk in and go "IS THAT A PIPE ORGAN" followed by "IS THAT DONALD KNUTH" and well now you know

Original tweet :

@artfulsodger Gotcha. I suspect it isn't enabled in my instance (or, at least, Ubuntu isn't one of their included icons. Other things work for me, but not that.)

@tomasekeli (Also, I realized last night one other detail: I *also* love SQL, how could you not? I meant I regret having to invest in the idiocyncracies and minutia of MySQL in particular. Alternatives like PostgreSQL are much better)

@artfulsodger That does not work for me! I'm on the web, are you using a client app?

@tomasekeli yeah, fair enough. Since I wrote my reaction, I've realized there's a distrinction to be made between learning something, versus investing too much in it, which brings me back around to being closer to you. BASIC encouraged an imperative preeminence, but on the other hand it got me started, and came built into the home computer I had. Wishing for some ethereal superior alternative isn't useful. 😀

@tomasekeli holy carp, really!? I am glad for you but I cannot say the same. I think if I had to characterize, for me I regret the ones that are either rife with incidental complexity (eg. JavaScript, mongodb, MySQL) or which imposed a paradigm which I later learned was suboptimal (eg immersing myself in BASIC & assembly when I was young, while folks I now respect gravitated to lisp, etc, which I rejected as too weird (see Paul Graham's Blub)

@artfulsodger How did you get the Ubuntu logo in your Mastodon display name?

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