Stole this from an internet guy but I think it is good for probably way different reasons than the person who made it does.

Selfie EC 

Everyone should try this some time tbh

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Selfie EC 

I have been having fun with snapchat filters ok?

This is the Holy Grail of tshirts too me. I know a guy with one and I offered him $200 cash on the spot for it but he said no.

Selfie EC 

I look like a neckbeard gamer today but Tony wanted to say hi to everyone so here you go.

Selfie No EC 

These glasses are fake but I wear them to look like a pervert.

Selfie EC 

I had a pretty good haircut last year tbh.

A very old picture of me 

Maybe 2013. I was on A Lot of drugs and watching Vegas Vacation.

Mario KISS 

Finally someone who likes stuff I like.
I've been trying to find a picture of Yoshi as Gene Simmons for pfp reasons and Google brought me to this.

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