Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 1: Cor Blimey I Deepfaked Me Own Mum!

@tasnyx Season 6, Episode 2 is just called “Refreshed” and it’s about eating your cell phone

@cosmicevan Episode 3 is a guy getting 100 Bitcoins but he has to erase the evidence to Pizzagate

@tasnyx After that there’s another choose your own adventure special that takes place entirely in the voting booth

@cosmicevan yeah like an ai that's just a rip off of a space odyssey tries to make you see the evil of both sides radicalism and one of the endings Charlie brooker just sits in front of the camera and sets a computer on fire

@tasnyx @cosmicevan episode 4 is about a guy whose blue apron boxes are full of totally twisted shit like deer antlers and rat poison

@tasnyx @cosmicevan but because he’s so beholden to the system he keeps cooking and eating everything he gets, and then the very final box he gets contains his own daughter, cut to black

@jimpjorps @cosmicevan it's gotta be in black in white too to try and convince you of its true artistry

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