the types of free speech conservatives care about dont matter, if free speech is real why cant i say online that im going to killdoze the white house without getting a visit from the fbi


fbi agent: so why exactly did you say you were "going to get all gakked up on Mucinex DM and drive a 1976 ford pinto into the pentagon" what did that mean
me, drinking out of a 64 ounce big gulp: i just thought saying that kicked ass and ruled mostly

it is going to be so funny if this is one of those posts from here that somehow people share around because straight up the fbi can not find me because i do not have a consistent physical address currently, suck it feds

okay this got 69 boosts hell fucking yeah

@j997922 jer thank you, honestly i forgot about it but its good and i forgot how much it blew up

@tasnyx i cant even give this
post a 10 out of 10 rating it is beyond that

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