“you just indicated that someone knows your password. change it” no. they earned that. shut your mouth and mind your own google

@j997922 posting a massive note on the local ad-board "you want the log-in to my anime forum account from 9 years ago? if you best me in a game of wits (figuring out my email password is Goku with a 0 instead of an o and the place of my birth) you have taken claim of my holdings and i will not resist. the hunt is on."


@j997922 jer, thank you deeply. i am but a rotund 1920's clean up hitter of a poster. im not that good at it but because athletics havent been invented yet i look very impressive

@tasnyx my great grandparent’s posting game couldn’t have a chance to compete against these posters and their newfangled RC Chemicals and Weed. it’s a different game. instead we choose to respect you for what you are- nature’s greatest. and we’ll never forget

@j997922 at the end of the day i just want to be known for hitting dingers against fellow alcoholics, lotharios and chronic masturbators. this is my legacy

@j997922 coming back to this thread to decide actually im a genius

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