i love how werner herzog is at a stage in his life where he's like "fuck it im in a star wars tv show where i dress like a sci-fi cult leader"

@tasnyx "This will fully fund six depressing documentaries"

@tasnyx I hope, too, to some day reach this place in my life

@brogepi he seems like he's reached absolute zen, would love to be there

@tasnyx I think he clearly signaled what the late stretch of his career is going to involve when he did that Rick and Morty episode.

And that is a mix of resting on his cultural significance and a "hey , if the check clears..." attitude. Like Bill Murray.

@bulkington the thing about it compared to murray is it seems like he cares a lot about doing good performances and choosing interesting projects. like he is a good actor and its bizarre to see him doing it so much this late


this is the stage just after "i do apocalyptic sounding voiceovers for a cartoon show about a heavy metal band".

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