me: i no longer have professional desire to pursue a career in film, i simply like to enjoy movies
some person who does photo edits of marvel characters: yikes, just saw taxi driver? the main character is pretty problematic
me, in tears: please dont do this i beg you

This is one of those jokes where if I see this literally happen I will have to commit poster seppuku

@tasnyx now that you mention it though, that guy is pretty problematic

@healyn let's be real for 70's New York Travis Bickle is an even keeled level of problematic

@larrydavis @healyn he's one of the few non predator men in the movie and mostly just wants to shoot bad people, you can't fault the logic

@tasnyx @healyn
He’s got some lapses in judgement, but who hasn’t thought about taking a lady to a porno theater on a date

@tasnyx @healyn
Folks I think the ending of the movie might have been a dream

Now, speaking of dreams, here’s Thomas Middleditch as Morpheus from Sandman

@larrydavis @tasnyx that was a bad date in the 70s, but i think it might work in 2019

@healyn @tasnyx
I’ll take your word for it, sexfreak extraordinaire John Healy Healyn

@healyn @larrydavis Travis bickle was actually just woke and born in the wrong generation. That's what the film taught me

@tasnyx @healyn
Anyway here’s my photoshop of Agent Coulson as John Wick

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