reading capital at 17 and realizing that the world is fucked forever is the same thing as entering a warlock pact with a god

KARL MARX: as long as there is commodity to be fetishized and worker profits to be taken, they will be taken by the ruling class to service their revenue source
ME, 17: ah shit this is probably going to fuck up my life forever
ROTHGAR, THE UNKNOWABLE: in this cursed plane of existence the only living lexicon is power, i will lend you mine.. at a cost
ME, EYES GLOWING WITH ARCANE POWER, IN A WARLOCK ROBE: ah shit this is probably going to fuck up my life forever

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sorry for how soon of a re-boost on this but its so funny i think this has got to be a new pinned post

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Update on this thread: it has influenced me to make a warlock playbook for dungeon world based on this concept I'll put that on here whenever I'm done with it

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@melissasage yeah, capital is so important to read and a great work of political thought but also when you finish it you're just like "yeah thanks karl we're fucked i get it"

@tasnyx I read State and Revolution before this, which is like taking a vaccine, bc Lenin's thesis is basically "OK, but listen: what if we're not completely irreversibly fucked"

@melissasage yeah state and revolution is what makes me far more hopeful because it feels like lenin made that after having the response everyone had reading capital: Oofa doofa!

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