i feel that sometimes people online like to use ideological reasoning to debunk experiences that evoke wonder just because sometimes people of the ruling class also do those things and beyond being reductive i also think its a miserable way to live your life. just because rich people want to go to space to do rich people things doesn't deny the indescribable wonder of the stars and cosmos.

if you have no wonder in your heart or aspiration for the unknown i genuinely dont know what even drives you to want to change the world because it sounds like you're fine with the world as it is

@tasnyx this is an excellent post and you're absolutely right


based on the examples you've seen of this, is it fair to brand as hiding behind whataboutism?

like dismissing the inspirational potential of going to space with "what about this other thing everyone SHOULD focus on??"

@jackdaw_ruiz its a lot of whataboutism but i think it's also people who have allowed themselves to seep so deep into the cruelty of the existing world that they have to tell themselves it's stupid to wonder about things you could never feasibly do.

@jackdaw_ruiz @tasnyx I don’t know of it’s hiding behind whataboutism as much as we’ve been duped by the ruling classes to believe there aren’t enough resources for both things.

There are enough resources on this planet for everyone to have a home, food, and medicine, and to explore space. Just kill 3-4 billionaires.

so what youre saying is, Lord British is the ideal human

@tasnyx it's the same attitude that informs anti technological perspectives, like, things like modern medicine and communications tech are amazing the problem is that the access and development of it is controlled by empty brained rich weirdos

@dankwraith for sure, and i empathize with it to a degree but the thing that trips me up is that i think if you let technology be a thing for rich people and give up on all the wonders of space and things of this nature, why even be a socialist or whatever? you've already basically given up and god i cant imagine a more miserable life to live

@tasnyx I remember someone I know complaining that they overheard a man talking about aquaponics, ‘imagine talking about such a pretentious boring man subject, ugh’. I literally study things like aquaponics and other alternative growing systems, so I guess I can never discuss my field of study with them because it makes me a boring member of the patriarchy somehow

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