listen i love baseball but if they're going to play baseball like everything is normal again we have no choice but to draw and quarter every mlb exec

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mlb is one of the most corrupt sports organizations in years and its disappointing that the players association supposedly protecting them didnt do more to halt this from happening. now people are having to make the ethical choice to not play and framed as lunatics.

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@tasnyx i decided i'm just gonna watch japanese baseball instead

@dankwraith yeah i mean thats a good idea, japanese and korean baseball are both working with their players to keep them safe in a way the mlb clearly isnt so people need to just not give mlb the time of day.

@tasnyx i was really glad to see some star players be like "fuck this i'm out", hope more players follow suit

@dankwraith some players have left, but i think a lot of them are stuck in financial situations where literally breaking their contract/having a year where they arent playing and getting paid takes away 1/5th of their essentially lifetime income.

@tasnyx yeah it's some bullshit and the players association theoretically exists to stop shit like this from happening. cowards and clowns

@dankwraith they should've striked, but american unions and associations are so fucking afraid of that. but they need to do it, its the only language execs hear.

@tasnyx @dankwraith theres nothing wrong with being a clown clowns do a lot for socity do you think its easy putting on the makeup and hitting the streets looking like a freak
@tasnyx @dankwraith ppl think because youre smiling and laughing its okay to hit you and yell at you. its really not. clowns are gods gift to man and so we have to see the ugliness and suffer 100x more than you

@Fool @dankwraith you deserve it all, god put you on this earth to punish you for your hubris.

@bryceyoungquist yeah i mean on a long enough time scale, too many guys to draw and quarter to give baseball guys priority.

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