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Hey, @switchingsocial, I'm looking for an open-source, trustable, service to share/backup files with my (non-tech) family between computers (not phones/tablets).

For energy reasons, I'd like to avoid hosting yet another physical device, so I'm looking for something kind of like Dropbox.

I believe that BTSync would have worked, but doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Do people have suggestions?

@switchingsocial and all, thanks for boosting and the tips!

does anyone know an ethical and green cloud hosting service in europe (not UK) for a nextcloud (self)installation

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Free yourself, your friends or your community from Facebook when you want to organise and coordinate events with @mobilizon

Free software is free as in freedom, not as in free beer, which is why @Framasoft raises funds through a crowdfunding campaign. There are still 19 days to go to collect the tiny 4.5k€ left, and to fully fund the project.


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